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"I have to find my pleasure, Spike. You taste like ashes."
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April 25 2016

If Buffy The Vampire Slayer was on TV today. The Tinder gag is inspired.

That is awesome!
This version of the show sounds awful, apart from the episode where Giles buys a laptop and it's been cursed by Ethan Rayne. I'd definitely watch that. Story idea for Ripper?
19 to 27 are very funny. I feel 18 happened already. I don't see 10, 11, 12, 15 and 32 at all.
The Spike ones are hilarious. "Every Nicholas Sparks novel."
I'm feeling old now. I don't know what half of those are referencing.
I hear you you alittlebitbison. But the ones I did get were great.

24. Spike would have a DVD of The Notebook stashed away in his crypt.
Poor Giles. Even more stuff to be baffled by. I can really imagine that laptop episode, but it would be funnier if it was a smartphone.
I fear I fall into Giles' camp. And the ones I did get, I was only mildly amused by. Maybe I'm in a non-receptive mood?
19. is fantastic!
I've never used Tinder, but I get the joke. I get it because I've already seen that exact joke a dozen times in a dozen shows.

One of the defining features of Buffy was that it didn't just copy popular culture, it created it. It had pop culture references, but it also made up it's own slang for Buffy and her friends. My first reaction to seeing "Kim Possible" was, "Why is she using Buffy-speak?" That's how distinctive the show's style was.

So even though this article has some good jokes, I think that Buffy today would rely less on the trends of the moment and more on creating its own stuff, just like it did originally.
I wondered if they could even make "Hush" today, since texting is so much more prevalent, especially among young people, and it could not have the same impact in exploring the inability to communicate.
Such an excellent point mike13!
@mike13: The Gentlemen would need to disable all electronics too for Hush to work in the 2010s, yea.

That guy selling white boards on the street for insane prices would definitely not get rich since everyone would just use their phones. You could make a good parody though since you could argue that Hush in 2016 would actually have no effect at all since everyone is always texting anyway. :D
I'm sorry, but Faith would never watch Gossip Girl. And be a Blair fan? Seriously? Actually, she seems more like the kind of person who wouldn't watch TV at all.
I also have an issue with the idea that all the bands at the Bronze would be Adele cover bands. Sorry, but the bands that played on the show usually had more edge. Adele is mainstream pop music. I love her, but the bands in Buffy were generally more indie than her music, with a few exceptions.
Those are excellent points about Hush. It's barely been more than 15 years, and do you think getting rid of silent text communication (and emails, etc.) would now be more disruptive than stealing voices?
I'd love to see that parody. The Gentlemen would have to resort to doing the opposite and stop people from silently communicating.
I'm sorry, but Faith would never watch Gossip Girl. And be a Blair fan? Seriously? Actually, she seems more like the kind of person who wouldn't watch TV at all.

"It's spartan."
That was fun. Angel's man bun. Good fix team having the Gentlemen also disable electronics.
How everything has changed.
Jonathan would create an alternate reality where he was a TV mogul and write blockbuster movies on the side...

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