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April 26 2016

(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x18 "The Singularity". The episode was written by Lauren LeFranc and directed by Garry A. Brown.

Good news! The primaries ended early this time! Hopefully no interruptions.
Come October/November I might be the only one who can see it normally. I'll be the Canadian translator for the thread.
It should only be a problem on Election Day itself. Hopefully the show will take that week off.
Maryland polls are delayed until 9 pm, so I expect to at least see excited scrolling going on as the show starts.
Oh, I'm sure they'll find some excuse to put George Stephanopopopolous on our screen. As long as they don't break in at the climax of the episode like they did last week.
Here we go. Stephanopolous....
Yup, there he is.
And here's George!! I dislike you, George.

Hi, everyone :)
The entire time I was watching The Voice they utilized the scroll option rather then break in. ABC should learn from them.
OK, Dusk. Moving to Canada.

And the Philly news has interrupted. And I really hate this country now.
They will not play catch-up in Philly. AOS is fucked here.
That's the most SHIELD agents I think I've ever seen!
OK, so javelina_spouse votes that the Kree thing is a decoy.

"No one comes to me with their feelings." Oh, May.
May totally digs it when Coulson is dangerous and irresponsible.
Almost all of Coulson's plans lately have been risky and irresponsible.
We lost the first 4 minutes here. :(
That's even more impressive than a Crazy Ivan.
I'm sorry, Nebula. This was my viewing experience last week.
God I love Fitz.
I wonder whose more flustered: Tallbot or Fitz?
The was a Civil War promo I haven't seen. Psyched for that.
Phil really doesn't like Lincoln, does he?
Uh, oh... We're going to lose another , oh, fuck... Breaking news...
@Nebula1400 I'm pretty sure that movie is going to kill me. (Can't wait!)
I love Fitzsimmons undercover.
May is gonna die.
Yeah, I'm with May on this one.
I have my tickets for the movie for next Thursday.
He's like a chipped Spike...

Yeah, they might need to break out Lash the way this is going.
I'm all for breaking out Lash.
I'm bummed about Ginger Ninja. I liked her. Hope they find that cure and fix her too. But I have a question. If Lash killed one of her doubles, does that mean she only has so many and if you kill all of them she's basically an Inhuman without any power?
Dusk, who's like a chipped Spike, Lincoln? I would love it if he were like ANY version of Spike.

Hive I'm finding irritating. Is it just me?
I *think* the reason Alisha losing a double is so bad is that she feels it - she gets all of the trauma of the death without the death. So I think her power is still ok after.
NYPinTA - I'm also wondering about what Ginger Ninja can now do ...

[ edited by javelina on 2016-04-27 02:29 ]
Ah, Sunfire, you're right.
This is the most adorable science-based flirting.
How did Fitz become the smoothest SHIELD agent?
Well that elvated quickly!

Hive McGuffen?
Oops! Should've gone to medical school, instead.
javelina-Sort of. James too.
Daisy's gonna live, and recover, because when she grows up, she'll be the director of SHIELD.
I may be wrong but the sense I am getting from this episode is that Alysha loses a duplicate permanently if its killed.

[ edited by JDL on 2016-04-27 02:37 ]
Do her duplicates have their own personalities? Hmm.
Who's playing the mad scientist?
Fitz is the best agent SHIELD has!
OH FFS! (Of course he would copy Captain America. ;P )
That was handy! Ha!

Hive vs Simmons, uh-oh.
Fitz and Simmons will be the heroes of this season. Then one of them will die.
Hive has Ward and Will's memories. I don't like this.
The Australian is Gambit-ish?
I've been tied up tonight so I had to record this and The Flash.WIll be looking forward to watching this later tonight.
Everybody's traumas get triggered. Fitz, asphyxiation. Simmons, Will's dying to save her from a death planet. :(
I was terrified that Hive was going to "mercifully" take out Jemma.
No one thought to ask Captain America if he wanted in on the operation? He's pretty vested.
Double Yay!
Last time people got really happy... feeling uneasy, things might get even worse...
They really gotta stop asking, "Who is going to DIE!"
You know, this whole "Who will die?" thing is stupid. Just kill someone and don't warn us!
Well given where they started from that was pretty decent.
Hm. So is the show closing the door on Hydra stories?

Nice job Gemma. God-speed Leo.

James should talk to Cisco from The Flash.

The Hive-perion Hotel?
Two minds, NYPinTA...
I can't tell you how much I loathe this "who will die?" crap. It's a story, not a plot-point scavenger hunt.
More like Disney's Kree Experiment World.
@Dusk I think so. Hydra went with a whimper. As for Baron Zemo
Thanks JDL interesting spoiler. Might be able to go next weekend, not sure.
Sigh. Two steps forward and one step back - this episode seemed a real throwback to episodes I didn't enjoy as every 5 minutes or so I'd be prompted to think "What the hell?"

Didn't understand the whole Coulson / May tiff, didn't understand Coulson needing Lincoln, but then not needing Lincoln, didn't understand how in two two fights the combatants just walk away (Hive/Simmons & Mack/Hellfists), didn't understand the need for a "Shield Shield", didn't understand the out of nowhere Hydra's gone development and didn't understand why the Omnipotent Hive Destroyer of Worlds plan seems to rely on some obscure black market doctor or why HiveWard intoning he's bought a town deserved end of episode gravitas

Weak episode (all IMO) - will say Iain was again terrific, and I enjoy edgy/bug eyed/angry Lincoln more than BaristaBland Lincoln we met in InhumanLand
By the way, now that we know James is Hellfire from the comics, his full name should be "James Taylor James" or J.T. James.

Also noticed on the computer display that Alisha's last name is Whitley.
Mentioned the James thing last week, so whoop whoop for me.

Have we taken a survey--who does everyone think will be the person to die?

I am beginning to worry about FitzSimmons. Cute relationships on Whedon shows never work well, plus the finale always seems to involve something bad for them, plus it would bring the other character into an interesting development place. So I'm really concerned about that.
I liked the episode. Shout out to the single takesque opening and the VFX team.

I agree on the not teasing death thing, though. The best TV deaths come out of the blue, and act as a shock change up of the story. I get that they're doing something different here, and the show does need something to up the stakes, but it doesn't quite work for me.

Also, two new cast members I love in this episode.
The floating cross necklace is obviously placed to make us think Yo-Yo will be the one to die. Which means it's pretty much definitely not her. Joey's a nice guy, but we don't know him well enough for his death to really hurt, plus they won't kill off the show's only gay character. Killing Lincoln would be like killing off Riley or Kennedy on BtVS... some fans would be happy with it.

They might go all-in and kill off Coulson (again). Then next season would focus on Daisy and her Secret Warriors. It would also remove the problem of how the movies are refusing to acknowledge his survival.

There are some signs the planned Inhumans movie might be in trouble. If it gets scrapped that would free the show up to delve into every aspect of them, including the royal family.

I hate to say it, but if you made me choose I'd say Coulson is the most likely death.
Coulson and Daisy are basically co-leads; they're fine. The movie's refusing to acknowledge it isn't a major issue for them to begin with. The Inhumans movie is off the schedule for now but I doubt they'd shuffle the Royals to a TV show. at the very least Gorgon, Triton and Medusa would look ridiculous on a TV budget.

Joey and Elena are too new really to be worth all this hype.

I could see it *maybe* be Lincoln to ruin whatever happiness Daisy has with him and "ward" probably wouldn't mind killing her new boyfriend. Though would it really have that much of an impact?

It could be Mack. Not an original cast member, well liked by most of the audience and team. Had a family building episode recently. Lost Hunter and Bobbi already. Could have been given's Elena's necklace as a gift.

Fitz or Simmons. Again Whedon couples don't tend to be happy long. Hive may want revenge on him for burning Will's body, and Simmons getting more active has to have a consequence somewhere. Losing either one would be worth the sensationalism.

May, she is one of the originals but her arc with Andrew/Lash still has to be resolved first. Could they both end up dying to take down Hive? Perhaps. I could see her sacrificing herself for the good of the team and her death would hurt them all.
Considering Coulson's recent journey of vengeance and asking too much of others, it's likely he'll finally make the sacrifice play. Of course, I'm thinking that "who will die" is a complete red herring, or whatever you call it, and the answer is "no one".

@TallMichaelJ, Do you mean you didn't like certain plot developments when you say you didn't understand them? Because the thing with Coulson needing Lincoln, and then not was that the first time they were trying to bring in an Inhuman that trusted Lincoln. Considering how badly Coulson screwed up corralling the Inhumans the episode before, of course he would use whatever advantage he had to bring her in without incident. Lincoln was that advantage. After that, Lincoln wasn't an advantage and keeping him in play risked him being exposed and turned. Also, the shield shield was necessary to keep him and May from being crushed by debris. I'm thinking you meant something else by that one, right? And the thing with Hydra was set up the episode before, and previously in the season actually. We found out that the real origin of Hydra went back much farther then WWII and in fact was an organization dedicated to one goal: bringing back the god thing they worshiped (Hive) from that blasted planet. Malick and the rest of Hydra was set up solely to support that god once he returned. He returned and was not the god Malick or the rest of Hydra thought and once he killed his daughter, Malick was certainly not going to allow Hive to use the resources he spent his lifetime building. So he sold out all of Hydra to SHIELD to keep Hive from using them. It was his only play once he realized that the thing they worshipped wasn't what they thought. But it's a hollow victory for Coulson (and SHIELD) seeing as now there is something much worse they have to defeat.
Who's playing the mad scientist?

javelina | April 27, 02:42 CET

It's John Hannah, from Four Weddings and a Funeral and The Mummy series, among other roles.
Oh right! The Mummy movies. I forgot he was in them. For some reason I thought he was a Stargate SG1 guy. Or Atlantis. (Pretty sure I was thinking of someone else.)
Also from Spartacus, where Maurissa and Jed wrote.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2016-04-27 16:45 ]
It's not gonna be Mack. Not after they already killed off Trip. Sorry to have to rely on meta-thinking rather than story-thinking, but...

It's probably not gonna be May. With Bobbi gone, the show really needs her in the equation. She's the only real "hitter" the team has left now, anyway.

It's tempting to think they'd crush FitzSimmons, but I think going that route would hurt the show more than help it.

They could be referring to Hive, but the "fallen agent" arc title suggests it's going to be a SHIELD agent. Also, most viewers would consider it a cop-out if it's just the villain that dies.

That leaves Coulson and Daisy. And if they're going for a "Holy crap! They killed off one of the leads!" reaction, then I would have to say Coulson is the more likely to go. If so, it's because the network wants to re-tool it as a Secret Warriors show.
I wouldn't mind if Coulson were to be written off for purposes of a re-tooled "Daisy & The SHIELD Warriors" reboot. I'm not sure they ever really got a handle on who this character is and as the seasons roll on I don't think they have demonstrated he has any particular prowess as a leader or strategist. I like Clark Gregg a lot, seems to be a terrific guy / team player but I think they've gotten about as much out of a cameo character from the MCU as they're going to get.

I still think it's either Mack (altho' the cynic in me remembers they killed off their other African American last year) or Lincoln, who has been on the show long enough to be considered a regular and has demonstrated enough reckless behavior to where I can see a scenario where he saves the Day(sy) through rule breaking sacrifice

@NYPinTA - yes, to clarify, I understood the Lincoln/Hydra/Shield bits, I just didn't particularly like any of it. YMMV
With all the deaths on network TV this season and all the (sometimes quite extreme) reactions to these deaths, Marvel/ABC may be trying to forewarn fans. Maybe a bit much but...
Everybody wants to be Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, I guess. I think it's pretty cheap to equate "body count" with "drama." There are other ways of telling a compelling story than killing off characters.
SHIELD already had a pretty big body count with Raina, Gordon, Jiaying, Gonzales, Agent 33 last year.

I still think Mack is likely, Whedon shows don't tend to bow to outside pressure that much. But it also could be May, Lincoln or one of Fitzsimmons.
Aww man, Batiatus in AoS. Loved that reveal. Needs more swearing though. Jupiter's Carpet needs to be rammed up someone's Airfilter.
I miss the lyrical swearing of Spartacus. So much!
Not sure if it could be consistent with what could have reasonably happened off-screen, but my Tuesday night group was hoping that Hive has already killed Jemma and taken over her body. Such that after torturing her with Will's memories of their relationship he's now doing something even more terrible to Fitz. But Simmons stays on the show as evil. Because that seems to be how this show rolls. (This theory was proposed because the writers went slightly out of their way this episode to remind us that Hive "controls dead flesh" besides just Inhumans, and also because I didn't fully understand how Jemma escaped Hive via gunshots.) I am OK with every character on TV being Illyria.
Oh weird. I was assuming the "Fallen Agent" tag meant Daisy under Hive's sway, not the death.
Hive can't be in Jemma because he was still in Ward during the final tag scene.

It looks like gunshots don't really harm Hive, but they do hurt at least a bit and distract and slow him down for a short time. He had a definite "ow" look on his face after Jemma shot him.
But Jemma as Hive/Illyria works for me. It tears apart FitzSimmons, while keeping Elizabeth Henstridge on the show at least another year. On the other hand, Hive could take over Fitz, and the part that's Will can have Jemma back.
I just loved Coulson's SHIELD shield. It's so much like one that Captain America had in the comics for awhile. The Captain America fanboy got his own Captain America shield!
John Hannah! So pleased to see him.
I will be annoyed if they kill off Fitz or Simmons because that would be expected and boring. Plus, Fitzsimmons.

I'm leaning towards Mack because of the necklace, but agree that Coulson would be both shocking and a game changer.
Finally got a chance to watch this episode.Really enjoyed it.
When did the Mutant Enemy logo change Inc to etc? I'm only just now noticing it? Has it been that way since AOS started?
AndrewCosset, the Whedons were killing off characters long before TWD and GOT were a thing (yes I know about the comics and books for each were long ago but since the series started everyone thinks they invented character deaths)
Is it just me or does anyone think John Hannah and Titus Welliver look the same?
Poor melted-instantly-by-Hive guard (the one that was leading Jemma out of the operating room juat before Hive caught up with them). The transhumanists weren't portrayed as evil by any means, they just had good, strongarm security. That dude was just doing his job and may have been a decent guy. I think that's the first time we've caught a glimpse of Hive melting a human on-screen and it looked to be the fastest he's done it so far too.

Also, John Hannah ! "Batiatus" from the seminal Steven DeKnight-lead Spartacus was just icing on the cake to a pretty solid ep.

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