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April 26 2016

(SPOILER) Agents of SHIELD recreates classic Gwen Stacy death cover teasing huge finale event. New art teasing the finale was released by IGN.

It will also be available as a variant cover for Civil War II #0.

Ugh! Enough of the "who's going to die?" hype! Did that ever happen before any of the deaths on Buffy? Death has to have a purpose other than sensationalism in a story.
"Death is your gift", maybe?
Also, doesn't HIVE/Ward have a nice Angelus tone? I suspect this season will end the same way as Buffy's second season, except the major death will not be undone three episodes into season four.
HIVE/Ward is not a beloved character. Neither is Lincoln. So neither of them.

But yeah, too much hyping of the death.

It'll be Simmons or Fitz. They are approaching happiness in a relationship. They're doomed.

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"Death is your gift", maybe?

Except that was foreshadowing, not forehittingyouovertheheadwithamalletalot.
I've stuck with this show for so long, and there are parts of it I like. Skye, Fitz, Simmons, and Mack. Mack on days I can overlook his acting. Otherwise... I'm finally gonna say it after three years... It's just terrible! I don't understand why given that Whedon was involved and I believe some of the Whedon camp are still bringing it to us but... It really is just bad. In my opinion. Watchable, but very lazily scripted, cheesier than Buffy could ever have hoped to be, poorly acted... And chock full of cliches. But the writing is my main problem that I can't quite overlook anymore. It's like they're not trying? Dialogue mostly, the plot is okay-ish. Not to mention it is rarely funny or intelligent. I just don't see how this can have anything to do with the Joss team?
I actually love this show, but understand it does have some issues from time to time. Daisy/Skye is one of my favoritie characters. I also like the cover art, but is the only way to get your hands on this through the comic variant? Right now it's on ebay as a presale for $2000. I'm not sure I love any comic art enough for that kind of price. Kind of frustrating to be teased by this only to find it out of the price range of most fans.
My feelings about the show continue to be mixed. I really love some of the characters, and there have been some great moments and arcs (Daisy's transformation, the whole Afterlife/Jaiying/Crazy Kyle MacLachlan arc). But I feel like they frequently overlook, or rush through, character development in favor of Big Plot Moments, and as a result the Big Plot Moments often don't have a big emotional impact for me.

I really hate the idea of them killing off a character right now, though, because I feel like most of the characters still have TONS of room to grow and develop. And there are enough good things about the show that I keep hoping other things will improve.

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