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April 28 2016

Twelve Joss Whedon creations that made the world a better place. A bold claim but yet not unwarranted.

A little too besotted with the Marvel epoch Whedon, in my opinion, when the Whedon brand essentially became a public offering. Dollhouse undervalued. Proliferate and mercurial in ideas, richly and viscerally emotional in ways no other Whedon show was, partly because its own creator was as thrillingly confused and troubled by it as everyone else, making it one the most interactive shows ever. Its matrix of a writer's meta struggles for creative identity married with its characters' struggles for self-determination or even self-recognition created an existential maelstrom quite unlike anything else; where identity was this thing we were always in danger of losing, of having co-opted, or bought, or stolen, always something we were looking for in the dark of ourselves. Would have liked to have seen Fray or In Your Eyes and surely Angel occupies too lowly a position. Dr. Horrible and Cabin are marvelous but Angel gave so much; probably gave more in the last half of its final season that virtually everything on this list, I'd venture.
@Profane, that is some bot level word salad you've got there.
@Profane - This is straight up word porn for me, and I dig it.

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Dollhouse was, to use a total cliché, ahead of its time. I really believe it would be a basic cable prestige drama today, with a following like Orphan Black's.
Yeah, I think Dollhouse was just on the wrong channel. Pity.
You know, I'd love to see Dollhouse simply done again. As that show that would've come out of the original pilot (thank the bees that it's on the DVD/BR set!) and didn't have to lose Amy Acker to Happy Town.

Also, how bizarre is it that Dollhouse was 8 years ago.

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