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April 28 2016

Saluting geek TV's "Zeppo" episodes. The classic Xander episode features on this Den of Geek list as does Agents of SHIELD's 'Turn, Turn, Turn'.

Ah, The Zeppo, one of the show's very best episodes. Frenetic, hilarious, exciting, and quietly profound. An exhilarating hour of TV from a show whose limits were expanding on a week-by-week basis.
One of my all time favorite "Zeppisodes" is "Lab Rats" from CSI season 7. Just like "The Zeppo," Gil Grissom and the A-Team were relegated to b-plots or cameos, while an undercard of lab techs--led by persnickety trace analyst David Hodges (Wallace Langham)--tried to solve the central mystery of the season: the Miniature Killer.

What I loved about it is that it started out as a glorified clip show; but the deeper we went in, the more it became about Hodges, his abrasive personality, his ambition to become the next Grissom, and his futile pursuit of fellow lab tech Wendy Simms (Liz Vassey).

Unlike most of the Zeppisodes listed, "Lab Rats" was a key episode of the season: Hodges found the common factor in all of the killer's models, impressing Grissom in the process.

[Three classic scenes: Jim Brass slamming a suspect in full circus makeup into a wall, snarling "Who's the clown, now?"; Hodges projecting himself into one of the models; and--of course--the "Hodges' Lucky Day" montage, scored to ELO's "Mr. Blue Sky."]

It may have been the last great episode of CSI.

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