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May 01 2016

Joss Whedon & Shawnee Kilgore finish mixing EP. "We're both head over heels in love with it," says she.

Shawnee Kilgore posted this on Patreon with the Instagram picture in the link above:
This amazing man and I finished mixing our EP and we're both head over heels in love with it. It is, in itself, such a brilliant documentation of the journey. Some things came easy, some were a fight to the end, but the magic was palpable and stunning when it broke through. We've got some fun album promo stuff coming up so stay tuned!

No mention of a release date or song list.

Ahah. That collage.
Oh wow, they're in my part of the world again. Like, Congress House Studio is literally 15 minutes from my house. *wants to be cool enough to hang out with them*
Really looking forward to the full EP.

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