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April 09 2004

Tim Minear on WGN Radio - Friday, April 9 "Nick [Digilio] continues his obsession with the recently-cancelled Wonderfalls by talking with executive producer Tim Minear." Friday, April 9 at Midnight, Central Time.

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Hey, the station comes in clear and I'm on dial up! I didn't think it was possible. Yay! I get to listen to Tim Minear in 20 minutes!
Well, Tim was great as usual. Laughs were had at the expense of the host, who mispronounced Tim's last name for the first 20 minutes of the broadcast. I think it's supposed to be pronounced my-near, but Digilio kept saying it like miner.

Tim recommends that people send their comments supporting Wonderfalls continued existence—on another network and/or on DVD—to 20th Century Fox Television, not to Fox Broadcasting. The corporate names might be a little off, but the former is the production company that owns the show, while the later is the company that cancelled the show (they're under one big corporate umbrella, but they are essentially separate entities). Fox Television is a dead horse at this point (but we all knew that).

Nick urged listeners to sign the Wonderfalls petition at

Tim said a lot of the same stuff he said during his Succubus Club interview, but he was nonetheless engaging. One notable difference in tonight's interview was the lack of Tim Tams.

Digilio expressed an interest in getting Caroline Dhavernas on his show; he, like myself, has been smitten :)

Tim said (paraphrasing here) that Caroline really showed off her acting prowess in the remaining unaired episodes, especially in the final scene of episode 13. In general, Tim was gushing with praise for Caroline's talent.

The Minear interview should eventually be posted to WGN Radio's archive section.

Also, there is apparently a convention coming up in the Chicago, IL area with David Boreazaz and Christian Kane scheduled to attend. I'm pretty sure Digilio said it would be at the Donald E. Stevens Convention Center (at the O'Hare International Airport) in Rosemont, IL, but I didn't think to make note of the date. Wizard Universe lists a convention at that location (Aug 13-15, 2004), but does not mention either David or Christian as scheduled guests.
I believe he may be talking about the one.
I believe he may be talking about the one.

That's it!! Also mentiond on

KANE in Concert at the Pickwick Theatre on May 15, 2004!

KANE is the killer Southern/Country rock band which features Christian Kane on lead vocals. Visit their website at and sample a few of their great songs. The concert will take place at the historic Pickwick Theatre on May 15, 2004. The Pickwick Theatre is a beautiful Art Deco 1,400 seat concert venue/performing arts complex/movie palace located in Park Ridge, Illinois (just minutes from Chicago).

Too bad I don't live in Chicago...

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