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April 09 2004

Two unaired episodes of Wonderfalls on DVD at eBay. The episodes are "Muffin Buffalo" and "Lovesick Ass". I found another link here, but I think it's the same DVD. Also there is a DVD for "Wax Lion" & "Karma Chameleon", which can be found here (thanks to TaraLivesOn).

Sweet baby jeezus. It's over $200. I hope some nitwit over at Fux sees this. Maybe they'll realize "oh look, we can make cash hand over fist by selling the DVDs..."

I'll still have to keep an eye peeled for booted DVDs at the comic and gaming conventions this summer.

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Well, if there are dvds out there it won't be long before there are copies made of them and then sold as dvds or vcds. I can't see anyone spending that kind of money unless they think they are going to make some money off of them. Also the news that a station in France has bought the show is an indication that they could end up legitimately on DVDs sooner or later.

I've been impatient before and have bought VCDs off of Ebay and always end up buying them when they come out legitimately on DVD and those are always so much better.
France? Wasn't the article about a Quebec station? Quebec is in Canada, but they mostly speak French : ).
Kaivall, you are correct - I remember reading that it was written in French and had forgotten it was Quebec and not France - thanks for pointing that out.
Hmm, 1:48 total length?
Normally the episodes are 44 minutes when edited for air.
That would be 88 minutes total or 1:28. So these are extra long, kewl!

Apparently they are promo DVD's sent to the press, I wonder what others are out there...

Wonderfalls - "Wax Lion" & "Karma Chameleon" Press DVD

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Fox b*st*rds, the reason why they can't show the remainder of a series that's been made escapes me, anyway, I'll wait till the person who buys it puts it on the internet, or until a UK channel picks the show up (fingers crossed).

There's loads of cool Wonderfalls stuff on EBay, DVDs, TShirts, Wax Lions(!), didn't Fox realise that this show was a merchandising gold-mine, I'm not saying I'd rush out and buy it as fast as I'd buy a Puppet-Angel, but I'd certainly get some.

When this show first came out didn't Herc over at aintitcool, say that he'd seen them all, does that mean that there are other DVDs like this out there. Fox should bring out a DVD release for this show, otherwise it's sad that this might be the only way for non-french speakers to see what I think may have become a classic TV series.

Anyway, speaking of DVDs, a one page ad in this months SFX for the first 4 seasons of Angel on DVD, has the incredibly surprising line "Season 5 Coming Soon!", what "soon" means I don't know, but it sounds like R2 people won't have to wait till next March for their next Angel DVD fix.

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Actually it seems these unaired episodes were on ebay at the end of March...
and this auction has some nice details

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