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May 06 2016

(SPOILER) There's a Serenity comic book out today for Free Comic Book Day. Find out out which comic book stores are participating by clicking here. And Dark Horse has some free digital comics (including Buffyverse ones) on their site.

Can we add a spoiler to this? I'd like to talk about what the comic was but don't want to ruin it for those who haven't read it.
Sure. I thought it was a nice fairytale interlude that sets up for the next arc whatever that might be.
No shame - I teared up reading it.
Thanks. It was the tearing up part that I wanted to mention. Didn't think it was nice to make us cry about Wash all over again!
joss and co. are free to make me tear up about Wash all they want - he was worth it.

And yeah - River Tam is absolutely adorable.
Does anyone know how I can get my hands/eyes on this if I missed Free Comic Book Day already?
Either on eBay or it should be made free digitally sometime down the line.
And a spectrum one!

I only spotted it because I thought it was a serenity one (Nathan Fillions jaw is always so identifiable) even though I was looking for it.
Teared up. Teared up so hard.
It's part of the next ongoing series, so might be available somehow with that, someday. Also, some stores may have some left. Might be worth going and asking.
It was a very nice story.

I'm afraid I didn't get the reference where the Wandering Monk (Book) has an angry spirit inside that gets "put to rights" by the Warrior (Zoe). Am I blanking on something obvious?
Imo she just added that in to make for a better story.

It's Mythologizing 101.
I think it's a reference to his hair and how, after it frightened River, Zoe told Book to put it away.
Oh yeah... I thought it might be the hair thing, but I forgot it was Zoe that defused that situation. :-)
If you missed it, check in with the comic book stores as they may still have some in stock. Or read it here.

I thought it was a really nice story, and liked that it seemed timed to come out for Mother's Day too.

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