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May 07 2016

Four reasons to revisit the 'Angel' Pylea arc, 15 years later. It was a great few episodes.

I loved the Pylea arc. Especially Angel's riff on his hair looking in the mirror. Still makes me laugh.
Also love the Pylea arc. Well, duh. Username and all...
Did I miss something? I thought Cordelia was sucked into the portal accidentally, not kidnapped. It was a fun arc.
I loved it too - delightfully silly, plus it gave us Crazy Fred! And a few tears, if I remember correctly. Maybe it's time to re-re-watch. It's been quite a while.
How do you not make this a five point list and give the Dance of Joy (and the various other dances) a dedicated spot!
You're right, ActualSize. She was pulled through the portal by accident when they were sending Lorne's cousin Landok back.
If Angel is Vampman and he drives the Vampmobile.
Then, can he make Emergency Vampturns in it?

(and does Wesley have to pick up the parachutes?)
A lot of fun and a nice light escape after all the melodrama of Darla and Angel and the subsequent estrangement between Angel and the others.

It was always satisfying when Angel did something out of the ordinary: be it Pylea, or the Jasmine arc which felt like a Twilight Zone concept, or the regal alien poise of Illyria.

The show seemed to thrive when it took these chances, entered different worlds, and rejected the at times circumscriptive procedural format the show was built on.
Gorramnit, I love this show.

So much goodness. I always get grumpy when ANGEL gets short-changed as merely "that Buffy spin-off" ...
The Dance of Joy is one of my TV universe high points.
And I still wish I knew if psychic Aggie and Cordette Aura are related. (And if that Aura is the same Aura who dated Willow in early S-9.)

But yes, quite a good arc in many ways. Makes me wonder how the various races in Pylea (crinkle-skinned, blue-green bald, leaf-green horned, and the paisley faced, mostly priests) divide the lifestyle and politics of the place.

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