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May 10 2016

A streamlined video of the first five Dollhouse episodes. Called 'Meddle' this is designed to get new fans into the show. Or they could just watch the first five episodes regardless.

Or watch the original, unaired, pilot and then jump to episode 6.
I think there's plenty of interesting stuff in those first five eps -- and also, that five eps of a show is nothing when you consider how many shows take a season or more to really get cooking (cough, SHIELD, cough).

I really like True Believer in particular. Always felt like that one got short shrift.
The unaired pilot can't replace the first five episodes; things don't line up exactly right. The unaired pilot was soooo good, but it just doesn't work with the rest of the series.
@AnotherFireflyfan, you beat me by one second (or 5 1/2 hours).
The unaired Pilot is interesting and moves at a great pace but very scattershot. Always enjoyed watching it as a curiosity, seeing all the scenes that were interspersed throughout the season, even the final ghostly whisper of Caroline in Omega. Man in the Street to me is the true Pilot and one of my favourite Whedon-penned episodes.
Oh wow, that thing is as long as a whole episode.

On another note, I really want to rewatch Dollhouse. :)

The first five eps get too much leftover hate from the live-airing period. It was a drag to "wait" for the show to get going with a week between each ep. But in DVD/Stream-land, this is all dealt with in one long night of binging or two medium length bingers. Sumogrip said it already, there is some really good stuff in those episodes. The unaired pilot is fantastic in its own right but it doesn't serve one well as a substitute for the proper "canon" introduction before Man on the Street happens.
I love the unaired Pilot and sometimes wonder what would have happened if it had been used. It would have been a very different series.

I always find things to enjoy in the first five episodes though. From the amount of criticism they drew at the time, you'd think it was taking an entire season to get going.
Years ago I had the idea of doing exactly this, combining the first five episodes, after I lost a friend before getting to episode 6. I'm delighted that someone else has actually done it and am very much looking forward to seeing it!

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