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May 10 2016

(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x20 "Emancipation". The episode was written by Craig Titley and directed by Vincent Misoano.

Hi! Here, tonight, might be late or gone next week depending on some things...
Time is relative in here, Dusk, though we'll miss your musical commentary.
There's the Civil War tie in.
I was wondering if they were even going to mention anything that had to do with Civil War.
So... Coulson is Team Cap?
Coulson is always Team Cap.
You know, I don't know what I'd do if I had to choose between Cap or Fitz...
What if Daisy is playing the long game? This could all be some plan of Coulson's.

Or not.
Seriously, why is everyone so jerky to Lincoln?
So we're on post-Civil War time.
Daisy's hacking SHIELD to watch everything is even creepier than the mind control thing.
I guess so, Numfar.
So the pro-registration side wins, and Peggy Carter dies. I guess that's how the movie comes out, eh?

Good to know.
Did...the show just kill Peggy?

Radcliffe is like a slightly evil dorky Fitz.

I wonder if Daisy could outhack Elliot from Mr Robot.
Peggy was very old in CATWS. That's all I'll say.

This is going to get thorny, since some of us have seen Civil War (twice, so far), and some of you haven't.
Of course she can, Dusk. Phil Coulson never tried to recruit Elliot.
They're so CUTE!
Rasta Hulk...
Hive Ward is so creepy.
Elliot does have more then one persona like Hive...

Can't see the movie until the weekend.

Hellfire's right who goes down an alley like that?

Lincoln is so conning her.

May might knock that mustache off.
You know, I kind of like Hive. (Also Hellfire.)
The Peggy thing just reminds me that we really need another season of Agent Carter to address some dangling plots.

And regarding pro-reg or anti-reg conflict, the movie approach is very different from comics, to the point you might want to rethink the use of word war, that's all I try to suggest, for those who haven't seen the movie yet.

The tie-in using Talbot does feel a bit disjointed though.
Yeah, how exactly would Daisy being on a list have stopped Hive? Ha.
The way the accords are being mentioned in this episode does make it sound much more similar to the comics than what turned-up in the movie.
I though Coulson was actually Talbot's boss?
Eww. What did they become?
The Walking Inhumans?
Maybe that's intentional, Numfar, so as not to give away too much about the movie to people who haven't seen it yet.
One of them will never Walk again, Dusk. Unless he became disembodied legs that walk.
OOoooooh snap.
Bwhahahaha! Nice job Lincoln/May!
A little early but yesssssss !
Called it! Not that I can prove it, as I wasn't online.

NYTinPA, I think Talbot is more Coulson's liaison, though I may be wrong ...
I think the Watchdogs became Alpha Primitives.
Did he just free her from Hive? Oh.. Lash talks!?
But Hive is still alive?
Stupid stupid Hive still lives! Grr.
A Terrigen bomb...
So now who doesn't run such a tight ship, huh Talbot?

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2016-05-11 02:56 ]
Aw, poor May/Andrew.

Terrigen Bomb finale problem, detonate it in space?!
This was a very good ep.
So we're getting another who's going to die cryptic preview after this, right?
No. NOOOO. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
OMG was that Fitz holding the necklace?
And the lack of Deathlock in such events still bothers me.
So a 2-hour episode next week. At least we won't have to listen to "Who. Will. Die?" after next week.
I see Quantico is also promising a dead agent in its season finale. Does ABC think killing characters is like some kind of porn?

I seriously wonder if Jed and Maurissa will be back next year as showrunners.
Yes, it was Fitz. Scream. Show, cut it out!!

And for Pete's sake don't kill Mack either.
If it's Fitz, I throw away my TV.

Oh, wait... Gotta watch Game of Thrones.

Never mind.
I thought tonight's episode was strong.I was also surprised they resolved the Lash story tonight.Same with freeing Daisy from Hive's control.I honestly thought that would come in the first hour of next week's finale.

Really liked how this tied into Captain America Civil War as well.
Ever since Jon Snow, every show is killing one of its leads.
I survived watching Buffy as it aired. I can survive anything.
Right there with you, Grack21 ... but still.
Really liked how this tied into Captain America Civil War as well.

Tied in so well that apparently the press release for this episode spoiled the outcome of the movie a week before it opened.

Those Inhuman mooks that used to be Watchdogs reminded me a lot of turok-han.
But what we don't want is to see a character as well-developed as Fitz die. Plus Iain De Caestecker is such a great actor. The show can't replace him with Lincoln!
You know I wonder how differently the death would seem if we were all watching it without ads. There's been no hints so far so it was just annoying but now with the necklace the tension sort of has gone out if since we've been taunted for months.
Those Inhuman mooks that used to be Watchdogs reminded me a lot of turok-han.

I was thinking those Inhuman flying monkeys looked like the lame Dark Elves in Thor: the Dark World.
I have a solution.

1) Make Jon Snow an Agent.
2) Kill Agent Jon Snow.
3) Celebrate a close call.
TV is becoming like Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery."

Somebody has to die, because network executives don't understand any other definition of "drama."
Somebody has to die, because network executives don't understand any other definition of "drama."

Its somewhat a reaction of decades of no character ever dying unless the actor died or was leaving the series.
The most annoying thing is how the announcer voices it like it's something we're going to relish... "tune in and see which beloved character will DIIIIEEEE."

But they only teach those announcers one way of modulating their voice. He'd talk the same way if he was advertising a demolition derby or a mud wrestling match. "Friday Friday FRIDAY!!! Get down and dirty in the MUUUUD PIT!"
Kind of ready for this season to wrap up ...

The Lash reveal seemed anti-climatic given the hype early on, and I'm not sure why he wouldn't finish Hive off, and then remove the parasite from Daisy ... his death seemed like a throwaway plot device for a forgotten character to unite the team for the finale.

I think I've reached my breaking point with Coulson - his cat n' mouse with Talbot seems childish to me, especially given the extinction level threat at hand. As to that threat, Hive has devolved, as many Big Bad's on this show have, to someone who you'd think could be taken out with a well equipped SWAT team with a couple rocket launchers. His "army" consists of a guy with a hot chain and 5 ugly bar bouncer types. He's morphed from Ancient Lovecraftian Evil to Euro Bond villain ...

I vote for a Daisy & FitzSimmons RoadTrip Season 4, maybe bring along a trying-to-reform mad scientist John Hannah to keep things lively.

Before that though I promise you that cross-on-a-chain is gonna get passed around like a hot potato next week. Musical chairs of DEATH!!!!

As always - YMMV
You know, I don't despise Lincoln like everyone else seems to. I think he's a find character, and has developed a lot (albeit unevenly) since we met him. He's fine.

That said . . . he sure as $#!+ better be the one who dies, because no one else is acceptable.
John Hannah would be a great addition to the show, but he better not be replacing Fitz!
That stupid cross necklace. Mack getting it at the end there means he's safe because it's too obvious like this, right?



That is my ideal outcome. How about nobody. What if literally everyone lives. Now that would be a twist.
Great ep!

As long as it isn't Mack, Fitz, Simmons, May or Coulson dying in space - I might survive this finale. (well, we know Coulson is safe because I won't forgive Marvel for taking him out before we have an Avengers reaction to his undeath).

Talbot is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. His reactions make me giddy.
I do like the John Hannah character, even if he's got zero morals. And I do like James, even though he's not a nice guy. (He wasn't really evil, even before. So he could eventually join the team, right?)

I agree the Lash/Hive showdown was a bit anticlimactic. It was cool the moment it was revealed what May and Lincoln had done, (and I felt really bad for Mack...), but then it was just a few bursts and he leaves the fight to save Daisy. I'm glad he was able to free her from Hive's influence and all, but ... I was expecting more from that conflict.

I'm also on the "nobody dies" team. ;) Oooh, plot twist!
It looks to me that Lash was created as a bodyguard for the leader of the Inhumans (Daisy). Trashing Hive was just an outgrowth of that purpose.
I strongly suspect it's going to be Simmons who dies, just because no hints or foreshadowing have been directed that way yet.
Since it's about to happen, this "who dies" business got really annoying for me finally.

There's no good outcome, I feel.

If one of the cool people we all generally like dies = sucks hard because the varied and likeable cast is one of the best things about the show (to me at least).
If one of the absolute faves dies = sucks even harder because come on just don't
If one of the people we generally like less dies = sucks because unsatisfying and sort of a cheap way out of having a character that's not well liked
If nobody dies we'll feel toyed around with, unsatisfying.

So I predict lotsa unhappys next week. Can't really see this going into the "good" kind of "enterpainment."
A good way to figure out who dies is to pay close attention to who is already in a new show... I'm often spoiled this way and have been in this particular case.
Just because the character dies doesn't mean the actor can't stick around. Although it does like like they going to get blown up in space.
Yeah, I'm going to miss General Talbot when he dies in space; none of the others could pull off that haircut. But to sacrifice his own life like that shows true character.

[ edited by mozzarellademon on 2016-05-12 02:01 ]
Sean Bean will guest star as Sean Bean in the last 5 mins then explode for no reason.
Are we sure it's one of the main cast people, and not one of the Inhumans who isn't Daisy?

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2016-05-12 02:58 ]
I watch on Hulu, so haven't seen any of the "who will die" stuff--sounds very annoying. Wish they could let go of an actor without killing off the character. How about "leaves in a huff"? "Is forced to go into hiding"? "Quits to be with true love or newly rediscovered family"? "Joins another team"? I'm worried that it's going to be Simmons. Partly because I like her but mostly because we already had Fitz in mourning--don't need to do that again.

I liked this ep. Lash died too quickly, but I did like the way he squished the Hive bugs.
IrrationaliTV, I decided to google around a bit and see if I could spoil myself in the same manner... but it appears to not be something showing up prominently in Google News search results for any of the main or appropriate guest cast members. I take it this was industry-specific media coverage?
I came across one, That still may not be the one who dies.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2016-05-12 06:31 ]
Jclemens, it might have been a showrunner I follow on Twitter. There was a link but maybe not to Deadline or THR. It was last week sometime, I think. Yeah, Nebula, that's is probably what I saw.
I'm late to the party, but I laughed at Talbot's line: "What makes you think Lash can defeat Hive? And who in tarnation names these things?"

I thought Lash's death--and Daisy's rescue--felt a little rushed and anticlimactic. And Hive continues to be a very boring villain.

However, I really like Mack and Elena's scenes together. Hope they don't kill Mack. :-/
Hello! I finally caught up yesterday on the show. Life got very very hectic last month but all is good. Iím hoping to watch tonight but we still have some RL stuff going on so I may not be around tonight. I miss watching with all of you.

I have mixed feelings on this half of the season. I thoroughly enjoyed the fall episodes. I loved Ward in it. I loved the Blue Planet. I even was comfortable with the short lived Fitz Simmons Astronaut love triangle. But these spring episodes are not feeling as strong. Please know, that I do miss watching with you all and that could be coloring my views.

First here are the negatives which are brief, I abhor the current ďWho.will Die.Ē promotion. Iím sick of characters dying. At this point, itís just stupid. I miss Evil!Ward and find Hive!Ward Flat. I also kept hoping to catch longer in flashes of other people that Hive has inhabited. I wanted more Evil!Ward!, more of Malickís brother and more of Astronaut dude in their own style of speaking. I know Iím comparing this portrayal to what Misha Collins is doing on Supernatural right now. Heís playing Castiel inhabited by Mark Pelligrinoís Lucifer and I just LOVE it. I guess thatís what I was expecting. Iím confident Daulton can do it, so Iím not sure why we havenít seen more of it.

Now for the positives! I adore Chloe Bennettís wide eyed portrayal of Hive mind control. Well done! Sheís been so much fun this half. Iím in love with Mack and if he dies, Iíll join the nonthrowing of the TV sets due to Game of Thrones. Powers Booth was great and I am glad that he had a chance to be part of the show. Iím enjoying Lincolnís arc. I like this story arc of how Hive is trying to make an army and the Kree may not go along with him. I think the Kree are going to help put an end to their failed experiment and be the new big bad of next season. But I did not see Civil War and have no clue about their role other then what Shield has told me.

But who will die? My money is on the following in order of likeliness 1. May, 2. Lincoln, 3. Mack. Has May really done a lot this half season? I mean really? Mack and her are sort of the same, except May has Black Widow super powers. I just think Mack has been too beat up to die and nothing has REALLY happened to May. Lincoln of course is always at risk as heís Lincoln and I like him. And then thereís Mack, who like Lincoln is at risk due to when he joined the team and who is too similar in role to May. Iím wondering if Mack dies, if his little brother joins the team.
Hann, the Kree weren't mentioned or seen in Civil War. We may not get to find out anything about modern day Kree society until Guardians 2 or Thor 3 (we had those big enforcer/exterminator Kree dudes on the show recently, but they were just ancient Kree in stasis).

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