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April 10 2004

SMG MTV Lord of the Rings spoof easter egg "The Fellowship of the Ring has a hilarious hidden spoof of itself with Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Gellar."

I never saw the MTV awards show that featured this so it was fun checking it out on our dvd. Here's the info to help find the easter egg:

"The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring
On the Extended Version of 'Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring' you can find some exciting gimmicks that are hidden in the set.

Insert the first disc of the set and go to the 'Scene Selections.' There select scenes '25-27' and then highlight the menu entry that says 'Council of Elrond.' Now press the 'Down' arrow key on your remote control to highlight on icon of the One Ring. Press 'enter' now and you will have the chance to see a special MTV-version of the Council of Elrond a hilarious treat!

Insert the second disc of the set and go to the 'Scene Selections.' There select the menu entry for scene '48' to get to the 'Official Fan Club Credits.' Highlight the number '48' on that screen and then press the 'Down' arrow key on your remote control to highlight an icon of two towers and you will get to see the theatrical preview for 'The Two Towers.'

This Easter Egg has been submitted to us by our reader Marsha Allen and Shivang Mehta."

Might not want to watch this easter egg in front of children - strong sexual context!! (but really funny!!)

yeah ive seen it. it was really funny.
Kewl! I didn't know there was one on FotR! The Two Towers has an easter egg of Gollum swearing his brains out after ungraciously accepting an MTV award. It's hilarious. This other one sounds great.
I think Ive seen it online somewhere once. I'll check it out on my DVD. It's the extended version right? Right. Yeah Jack Black got to do that Spiderman spoof with SMG too. Sure got to fondle and kiss her and stuff!
Kaival - we checked out the Gollum one last night after the SMG one and thought it was really funny too!

I'd love to see the Spiderman spoof too. The Lord of the Rings one was done so well and was a riot I can only imagine what they did with the Spiderman spoof.
Damn, I knew there'd eventually be something that made me regret buying the regular editions, ah well, I'll just get the mega-super-extended-edition box-set next year.

The Spiderman spoof is cool, not hard to find on the internet, though I can't remember where I got it from. There's a very funny scene based the bit where Peter Parker tests out his webbing, and even better, SMG replacing Kirsten Dunst in the wet t-shirt scene.
Hooray for region 2 LOTR DVDs not having this extra *grrrr*. Twits.
The region 2 version doesn't have the extra, ah, now I'm not so annoyed.
The R2 DVDs didn't get it because the BBFC said the spoof required an 18 rating so therefore the whole disc would be 18 and shops couldn't sell it legally to younger viewers
Actually, I think it's just the UK version that omits "Lord of the Piercing". As far as I know, all the other European editions do have it.
You're right,I should have been more accurate

It's UK and Ireland as Ireland gets the UK release

The Spiderman Parody is about 55mb to download.

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