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May 11 2016

What's the greatest TV drama of the 21st century? - a poll. It's a great way to find out which show has the most active fanbase.

It's a great way to find out which show has the most active fanbase.

Heh, yeah, and ONLY that. Walking Dead? "Greatest??" Methinks a couple thousand fanboys are emulating the monsters they're watching just a little too much. Sure, it's a good show on its good days. But then you remember season 2. And at least a third to a half of every OTHER season . . . .

Greatness is FAR more than popularity. Quality is the hallmark. And in that regard, at LEAST the next five shows on the least belong above TWD.
I'm just miffed that Borgen isn't on the list.
The Wire and The Sopranos languishing so low doesn't say much for the list's credibility but nice to see Buffy so high, especially with the preponderance of very recent or current TV shows, and that I mentally consider it a 90's show anyway.

Loyal fans.
Most of the shows definitely dont belong on that list. Only a few are true, great dramas. So yeah, they should really rename it to "most active fanbase competition".
One can vote twice from the same IP address, I find, so it really is about how "active" the fans are. Nice to see Buffy so high in the list, but it doesn't really mean much.
You can actually vote for as many as you like... I voted for Buffy, Game of Thrones and Lost.

I'm kind of ashamed at some of the shows I've never watched.
Never even heard of half of those shows. No X-Files?? Firefly??
Hey all, catching up! Yeah, this list is stupid, how can one pick? And where is Firefly! It was perfect.

So I picked Buffy, Game of Thrones and Luther.
Best dramatic series of the 21st century (so far)? Oh, Breaking Bad, easy. Riveting, gut-wrenching, morbidly hilarious TV from start to finish. Near perfect. (The prequel, Better Call Saul, ain't too shabby, neither.)


I might finally break down and subscribe to Netflix just to get the new episodes of Black Mirror. That show is disturbing, in the best sense of the word.

And, since no one asked:

Favorite 21st century comedy series: Key
and Peele
Favorite 21st century animated series: Gravity Falls
I voted for Buffy and Mad Men. Pity I can't also vote for Firefly.
Except the 21st Century didn't start until 2001.
oooh you can vote for multiple?

so I can vote for Battlestar too! :)

oh and Hannibal, naturally. Surprised that's at #1

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Fans have good taste! I agree those are good contenders. I don't really understand Hannibal being number one though. I gave that show a chance and never could bring myself to care much. Not to mention, I think Buffy should be number one.

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