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May 12 2016

Every Marvel movie definitively ranked. Both Avengers movies are ranked in the top 5. No real spoilers if you haven't seen Civil War yet, just a mention of some things that already appeared in the trailers.

How many of these listicles have been floating around for the last 3 weeks, since the Civil War review embargo was lifted. Very similar subject, just from almost every movie or comic book website out there.

Expect them to be updated later in the year after Doctor Strange is released.
I agree with most of this listicle, though it's difficult to say which is #1, because the first Avengers movie and CATWS are so spectacular. Thematically, CATWS is better, but Joss's Avengers laid the foundation for so much both leading up to it, and going forward, plus it's a near-perfect standalone movie.
'definitively' = incredibly subjective as per usual
Yeah, I've seen several of those kind of lists over the past weeks. It always surprises me how divided people are over Iron Man 3, which I've always thought very highly of. The 'created terrorist' thing is very well done in it, I find that it feels scarily realistic. There's a nice intensity to Tony being under attack and then on the run. I love it.

Then again, I've liked to loved all of the MCU movies so far!

Winter Soldier's -probably- still my fave, if it is then it is closely followed by Civil War. Then it's an ever-changing mix of Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy,Iron Man 3, Age of Ultron and the first Thor.
I wouldn't necessarily rank the first Avengers higher than the second. The first is great, yes, but the second is more varied and succeeds in SO many things it had to do, such as balancing out a large cast, building the universe while maintaining a cool story with a nice menacing villain, still leaving plenty of moments for levity, fun, humour. I enjoyed it so much, my only gripe was the fact that the ending was too happy for the fact that everything that happened could be blamed on the Avengers. I was happy to see that Civil War logically progressed that story.

Least fave is Iron Man 2 but I still enjoy it a lot. I was also somewhat disappointed with Thor: the Dark World but it had a lot of good stuff in it too. The Thor and Loki team-up alone was gold.

I'm a big fan & collector of Marvel comics and I keep feeling rewarded for being a fan with the high quality movies and series they keep releasing. I really hope Doctor Strange (one of my fave characters) is going to be another classic!
I love Winter Soldier and Civil War, but Avengers is still my favorite. Not because I think it's *better* than those two in any formal way, but just because I love the exhilaration of the last half so much. It's just so much fun to watch the team get together for the first time.
Not a massive fan of these movies but they're generally fun. The first Avengers film was excellent, particularly Bruce Banner/Hulk. Ruffalo was really great, brought a febrile intensity to Banner, a sense of being always on the edge. I particularly liked his scene with Black Widow in Kolkata. You really felt the monster in the man there. The volcanic rage. And the Hulk itself was a revelation: exhilarating and dynamic, dark and hilarious, even had a flicker of pathos.

Ultron was good too: any summer blockbuster that has its villain muse lines like "the geometry of belief" has my vote. Mewling quim and geometry of belief...good lines. There was a bit of Adam in Ultron; that curiosity, that wonder for how things work, that idealistic streak that inevitably leads to things like genocide. His death is the best scene in the film, very elegantly written, performed, and filmed.

In a film about rampant, pervasive, pernicious technology, the way Joss filmed it seemed like a sort of tribute to the obduracy and nobility of Nature, and as a court of judgment over transient things: Here we find nature to be the circumstance which dwarfs every other circumstance, and judges like a god all men that come to her--Emerson.

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