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May 12 2016

Agent Carter cancelled. Sorry everyone. On the bright side for Hayley, her legal show is moving forward.

Very sad about this cancellation, especially for the dangling plots and thread left over at the end of season 2, and after the events from Civil War, I really felt even more then that it needed a season 3.
On related news Castle was also cancelled.
Neither is shocking, but still butts.
Sad to hear.Also a shame it ends on a cliffhanger.I do hope season 2 gets a DVD/Blu ray release.
Super bummed about Agent Carter not coming back. But maybe they could do a Columbo type thing and do a special two hour mystery once every couple of years? I mean, unlike most other characters in the superhero genre she's allowed to actually age since we see her aged. (If that makes any sense.) I'd love period pieces of her in the 50s then the 60s and 70s, 80s etc. as she forms and runs SHIELD and solves cases in each decade.

That's probably not gonna happen though, huh? :/
Pity. It was the only Marvel offering to date that has manged to truly tickle my fancy. Can't say I'm too surprised, though. Imo it never quite lived up to the standard for un-edgy, homogenized political correctness that seems to be Marvel's calling card (ironically the reason why I liked it.)
Agent of B.U.M.M.E.R


Guessing Bobbi and Hunter show will be replacement??
Most Wanted didn't get picked no.
Ha, I was just thinking that. This means we get a movie, right? RIGHT?
Sigh. This is the one show that both my husband and I would watch together. #TeamPeggy4ever
There is a lot more internet outrage at this then I was expecting.
It was a great show, very sad that it's not coming back. Between that and her role in Civil War, there were tears from my wife and I.
Darn! I loved that show! The costumes, makeup, set pieces, cars... Every frame of film was a work of art. And seeing Peggy Carter rise above the sexism of her time never failed to inspire me.

Reality TV is cheap to produce. Smart, quality TV is expensive and doesn't gather the numbers. Sad.
Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn.

Will miss this show - the Carter/Jarvis/Stark dynamic was gold
Looks like the Mouse is scaling way back, seeing as all this is following close on the heels of rough earnings reports. Apparently making a gobajillion dollars off of Star Wars didn't offset the decline in demand for nonstop NFL coverage in April on ESPN. Shame the niche nerdy shows are taking the hit for it.

I will miss you, Peggy and Jarvis. And please someone hire Enver.
@LeafOnTheWind I think you're right. Between the cancellations of Agent Carter and The Muppets, Most Wanted not getting picked up, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. rumored to be wrapping up next year after reaching the desired episode count for syndication it looks like Disney is tightening its belt.

They look to be focusing on Marvel Studios' blockbusters, Marvel Television's Netflix and Freeform projects, Star Wars, the return of Pixar's main filmmakers (Lasseter, Docter, Stanton and Unkrich), Walt Disney Animation Studios' Lasseter-overseen projects and their live-action remakes in the wake of Cinderella and The Jungle Book's critical/financial success.

I wonder what all this means for former Daily Show/Colbert Report writer (and Colbert Report co-creator) Ben Karlin's Damage Control pilot over at ABC. Not to mention John freakin' Ridley's unnamed Marvel series. I was really looking forward to them.
Ohhh, shit.

I'm not surprised, but I am very disappointed. This is still my favorite Marvel TV show, and I wanted more. More Peggy, more Jarvis, more Dottie, more Angie. I love all those characters so much.

I was really hoping it had done well enough for one more season, though that wasn't looking likely. Still. This is a sad day. :-(

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@erendis I'm really hoping we at least get a direct-to-Netflix finale movie. I want to see Peggy and Jarvis on one last adventure.
But I'm not ready to say goodbye to Peggy... Especially not after Civil War. :(
Grieving. This was the best of all the Marvel TV shows (including the Netflix series). There's only one show left on ABC that I watch, and it pales in comparison to Agent Carter.
Gah, I'm really sad about this. Agent Carter was one of my favourite shows from the last few years - just the set dressing and costuming alone was worth watching for. Great cast too! I'll really miss it :(

For me, Agent Carter was an adult Buffy, an opportunity to not only see a fantastic female character kick arse, but also deal with workplace sexism in a way that led me to ask myself in an update of that old expression - What would Peggy do?

I'm so sad about this :(
NOOOO! After what happened in the movie, this show was supposed to be my BAMF blanky *sobs* PEGGY! Jarvis! ;______;
I'm probably alone with that opinion (atleast around here), but I'm glad. Never connected with the show, its style (except the costumes), or any of its characters. The first season still had two or three decent episodes (I vaguely remember one in...Russia?) but the second one was utterly unenjoyable for me and actually the worst season of any tv show I've seen (in its entirety) since one of the later seasons of "7th Heaven".

Usually, this wouldn't be a problem - there is this thing called a 'remote', after all. But this is the MCU, and I want to watch completely everything out of this fictional universe sooner or later (apart from Pixar productions, the MCU movies are basically the only ones I still watch). So not "having" to suffer through a third season of this show is rather appreciated.

Still, those who'll miss it have my sympathies. Having one of your favourite shows cancelled sucks. Especially this early. If anyone should get what that's like, it's the people visiting this site.
Very very sad about this. I loved Agent Carter.
A lot of probably went into the decision, just wonder what was heavier.
Actually wrote this sentence last. Don't mind me, just started typing trying to reflect and think more about the news, and the lines below were what happened, and it would feel like wasted effort if I just deleted, so decided to post it after all.

- Hayley had a pilot, that now, is ordered into series.

- There was the hard international sale aspect due to the low episode count from Agent Carter.

- And there is the whole fascinating matter about Feige and Perlmutter + Marvel braintrust rift, that from what's been reported left the former with full control of the movies, and the latter with the tv side, which in the end might not be so connected after all. Curiously Agent Carter was still considered a co-production by Marvel TV and Marvel Studios. The issue was still mostly he said, she said, but quite interesting to read for those interested on the inner-workings.

- And there's the shift from ABC leadership from a few months ago.

These things probably also contributed for Most Wanted not getting picked-up. Do wonder if they ever shot a pilot or just a presentation, and maybe if that content might get incorporated into next season of AOS somehow. Unlikely, but I do wonder.

If Agent Carter got an 3rd season, I was really hoping they make a play at narrative thing very common in several ABC show airing now and also on Arrow, with flashbacks, but making them Flash Forwards instead, so they could show a bit more about the founding of SHIELD and other history stuff, how he current actions (in the past) lead to things in the present. Nothing on the MCU slate seem to shift back into history again like the first Captain America movie did, and Agent Carter seemed like the place they were allowed to explore the time between WWII and the past. Like, around what decade that Howard stopped looking like Dominic Cooper and started looking like John Slattery. Did the Jarvis' play a role on Howard and Maria getting married, and how important were they to kid Tony, to the point that he named his original assistant AI, JARVIS. Did the SSR become SHIELD, or was there a dissolution, and SHIELD was something new that came out from that. Sharon calls Peggy, "Aunt Peggy", which we can assume means great-aunt, from the time gap. So is M. Carter still alive, did he already had kids, or were that still ahead. Did Sousa become Peggy's husband we learned about. So many things not just left from S2, but things that are suggested from the movies, and now there's a place less to show them.

With the cancellation of one and non-series order from another, I do hope that it gives opportunity for AOS to get refocused. I did enjoy a lot of Season 3 so far, but the entire Secret Warriors arc still felt awkward. In the line of incorporation maybe they could do more bottle episodes, like the one we had with Simmons earlier in the season, but in a way that would allow them to reincoporate Bobbie and Hunter, and also elements from Agent Carter.
Like, around what decade that Howard stopped looking like Dominic Cooper and started looking like John Slattery.

This! 😀

I agree that the Secret Warriors arc felt awkward. Part of it, I think, is that the show could have focused on bringing in MORE Inhumans. 3 Inhumans other than Daisy, two of whom got almost not screen time, don't really make a compelling arsenal for SHIELD. Maybe it's because they haven't been developed well as characters. Think of how Joss might have approached them vs. how they are. That's what I keep thinking about the show in general. If Joss was in charge, it would be quite different, and far, far better.

Daisy and Lincoln have zero chemistry. Nothing. Nada. I don't buy that she in concerned about him, or he is all about her.

Coulson has been a whiny minor character, especially in the second half.

May gets to scowl in a couple of scenes here and there.

Maybe my pissy mood is just me being miffed at Agent Carter, a vastly better series, being cancelled.

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Boo! Any chance of a comic book continuation?
This makes me sad. :(
I have to wonder if Conviction was so popular among the people that screened it that there was just no way it wasn't getting picked up. No brainer that if Conviction was picked up for a full series order that Agent Carter was automatically cancelled. Though I'm pretty sure it was effectively cancelled and couple episodes into the 2nd season.

Anyways, short little teaser clip for Conviction that is on Deadline looks good. ABC's upfront is next Tuesday afternoon and longer promo clips should be released around that time.

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Shame shame shame, I thought of Peggy as the most awesome kick-ass woman on the screen since Buffy. While entertained throughout, overall I thought the second series was somewhat empty with quite an anticlimactic ending -

...but there were enough plot points and cool characters to make for a good S3.

For S3, . Although, as a fan of the comics, I thought that they got to the essence of those characters very well already.
While not surprising, this news is extremely disappointing. I am not a happy camper! In many ways it felt like a more Whedonesque show to me than SHIELD and I adored all of the main characters. While aspects of season 2 could've been stronger, the phlebotinumy plottyness was never the attraction for me. It was always the characters and seeing their development. And the asskicking, of course.
Well this is sad news. I really love watching these characters even though I was disappointed by the second season (its abandonment of using period-accurate prejudice to fuel suspense and conflict felt like a missed opportunity, and Peggy's arc got lost in all the plotting.)

Peggy Carter is my favourite character in the MCU. (As I often say, my favourite Marvel love interest is Captain America.) I can't bring myself to believe this is the last we'll see of her. Can't her story still be picked up at basically any point in her life (well, as a period piece)? Even if it's a decade or more before someone at Marvel wants to show more of her, they should still be able to call Hayley Atwell. AoS could even have flashbacks to when she founded SHIELD.

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