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May 12 2016

Nathan Fillion's 'Castle' cancelled. Wow. Not a good day so far for our shows on ABC.

crap. Although I had a hard time imagining it without Stana. Does anyone know if the rumors of them not getting along are true? So many people have said that Nathan is a super-nice guy. It will be interesting to see what they each do going forward. :-(
I was actually looking forward to how the next season could play out with it shifting it's focus to Castle and his PI business with his daughter. I didn't have a hard time picturing the show with Stana Katic, as much as I liked Beckett.
Nathan's my favorite actor bar none, but am I the only one who thought this show should have been canceled several seasons ago? I'm eager to see what Fillion will do next, maybe more small Joss projects, or perhaps finally get a superhero gig? Booster Gold may finally be on the table...
I'm fine with the show being cancelled. The shift, several years ago, to a more-serious tone eliminated the most enjoyable side of the show. Once they stopped doing FIREFLY references and moved Beckett out of the action, it became just another procedural.
It served its' purpose for Fillion, establishing him as a major presence vs. cult hero. Assuming he won't team with Baldwin to do Elvis Cole/Joe Pike, I'd like to see him HIT THE GYM and get ready to take the next step to superstardom! And yes, he'd be an excellent BG!!
Hmmm so now NPH, Felicia Day and Fillion are all not committed to long term
projects. Maybe we will see a DH2, despite Joss's fear of never meeting or surpassing the Hamilton bar.

He doesn't have too! I'd love it anyways! Don't compare!!

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I don't quite understand how this all exactly went down (Katic's departure/Fillion's contract renewal/ultimate cancellation)...definitely a head scratcher. Yet I'm SO excited to have Fillion be freed up for other things! He's been pinned down by Castle for too long, as fun as the early seasons were. Still, I never missed an episode because...FILLION obviously!
If the show continued it would have had to either kill off Beckett, or permanently break up her and Castle. Neither of those options would really work for a romantic comedy, and frankly the show was running on fumes already this season.

Sad, but it was time.
Pretty unpleasant rumours about Fillion's behaviour on set and how he pushed to have Katic removed from the show and for it to continue without her. Looks like it backfired which it should, tbh, because the show was dependant on both of them. There was a pretty strong fan backlash when it all came out which may have affected ABC's decision to cancel it.
I think the online backlash fueled ABC's decision to cancel the show. It is fortunate that the co-showrunners (who knew the show was on the bubble) shot two alternate endings for S8. One would be a setup for S9, while the other would be a true series finale.

I wasn't pleased when ABC announced they cut Stana and Tamala Jones. Stana was the heart of the series, and it wouldn't feel right without her.

Oh well. I'm sure Nathan will find another leading TV gig, as well as his co-stars.
As much as I love Nathan I'm ready for this show to end already. It's been painful to watch what the writers did to the Castle and Becket characters over the last few years. I don't want to speculate about any possible conflicts between Nathan and Stana but it's obvious that something was going on. The shows have been written to keep them apart as much as possible.

This is a great opportunity for Nathan to do something more challenging. I'd love see him and Alan Tudyk do a show together- maybe their Repo Brothers idea, but Alan's new series just got picked up.

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Serenity II: The Search for More Black Market Beagles
hann23 - NPH is busy doing A Series of Unfortunate Events.

I never liked Castle and thought it was an enormous waste of Nathan's ability. I'm glad there's the chance now to see him do other, less generic stuff.
I liked Castle early on - and thought the writers had a great chance to create a "Thin Man" style frothy detective show with a charismatic pair. Instead they went the fuzzy conspiracy route, which got more strained over time. Still it was a hell of a run for Nathan - it'll be interesting to see what he does next
Given that one of the leads was leaving, this doesn't seem completely surprising. I tried the show early on, and didn't make it more than a few episodes -- it just wasn't my cup of tea. But my sympathies to the fans who will miss it. :-(

Curious what our Captain's next project will be -- hopefully good things are ahead for him.
If people want to make snide comments about an actor's weight, this site is not a place for them.
This show has run its course, and I had stopped watching it about 3 years ago. I would trade a thousand Castles for one more season of Agent Carter.
If people are personally offended by offhand remarks, especially about the appearance of an actor, the entire internet is not a place for them.

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I suspect Whedonesque isn't the site for body shaming, is all. Hollywood does enough of that.

ABC have a new head now and they're clearly doing a clean sweep of shows. I suspect if SHIELD hadn't already been renewed, it would have gone too.
Thank god. Much of the show's appeal stems from its screwball elements. While I would have enjoyed a father-daughter-buddy-cop-scenario, I doubt that would've been the main focus in future seasons; so not letting the show continue without an essential co-lead works quite well for me.

Don't think I'll miss it that much, either. Still had its moments and episodes, but there are shows much closer to my heart out there. Neither "Person of Interest" nor "Switched at Birth" will come even close to >170 episodes, so I think I'll miss them instead.
EddieBuck, typically when an admin steers the conversation away from a certain direction it's a good idea to go with it.

And I suspect the next season of SHIELD will be the last.
CALLED IT! Told'ja Castle was toast without Beckett! As much as I love the show, this past season has indeed been a bit shark-jumpy, and no one wants to watch a show where Castle and Beckett are split, so as sad as it is that Mr. Fillion and Ms. Katic are unemployed, it is very much time to let it go and end it.

As for SHIELD . . . I think they might yet surprise us. But that will partially depend on how much Disney is willing to lean on ABC. And how Cloak and Dagger fares on Freeform.
Hold on, there's gonna be a "Cloak and Dagger" show over on Freeform?!
Now that Nathan's cash loaded with 8 seasons of this show maybe he can move on to a better project. He's talents were being wasted on a network procedural.

@gossi ABC would never cancel SHIELD with 3 seasons. I know it's the ugly duck of the MCU, but its prime to make them a lot of money in international, streaming and syndication. Five seasons might a little more complicated, but let's see the field next year.
Yeah, Agents of SHIELD's renewal was mandated by a higher authority than Channing Dungey.

I think they're going to do a lot of jiggery-pokery with the show during the off-season, both onscreen and behind the scenes, and I suspect a lot of fans are probably not going to like it. I think Marvel/Disney/ABC would like to get more than 4 seasons out of it, but that's unlikely to happen unless ratings go up, so they will try various things to make that happen.

(SPOILER: Such efforts never work, but that's never stopped networks from hauling out all kinds of shark-jumps and Cousin Olivers to try anyway.)

Back to Castle... I don't know anything about the truth of rumors of Fillion/Katic tension. I've never heard any rumors before of Nathan being the "difficult" type, so who knows? I know that Stana Katic only signed up for this season on the condition that she get several episodes off, which is why they came up with the lame-o LokSat storyline to keep her busy offscreen.

For some reason, the previous ABC programming head, Paul Lee, was pretty rabid in his desire to keep Castle going, even if BOTH stars left. (I guess his plan was to keep the "Castle" name alive by focusing the show on Alexis and turning her into some kind of redheaded Veronica Mars or something.)
Actually, Nathan has been assigned an MCU superhero. He was cast in Guardians 2 with strong rumors that he is playing Wonderman, who had a story arc that had him as a very egotistical overrated actor.Not that far off from a Booster Gold personality.
I'm glad it was canceled. Can't see the show without Castle and Beckett. Now they can wrap it up with a happy ending, which is what the show needs.
Plus there's that whole... just because the rest of the internet is awful doesn't mean we have to be/put up with it... argument.

Here's hoping their 'series finale' season finale is the happy ending this show should have. I do wonder if they'll still release the other finale with the dvd's though.

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I probably would have still watched, but the idea of Castle without Beckett did not sit right with me. Eight seasons is a pretty good run though.
Isn't Fillion a bit of a ham in real life? That's certainly been my impression whenever I've seen him in person. I do know that Castle's showrunners sent Fillion and Katic to couple's therapy in an effort for them to bridge their differences, but it didn't work.
Sad news regarding Agent Carter and Most Wanted, but this is one cancellation I can't be sad about either.

I've said it before around here: I'm always entertained whenever I see a Castle episode, I watched it because of Nathan, but watch a Whedon thing with him (be it Firefly, Buffy S7, Doc Horrible or Much Ado) and then it shows what he's really capable of.
He deserved the huge success of Castle and it's great that it worked out so well for him. But I hope he'll find something new where he can blow everybody away with his skills - preferably something Whedonesque of course!

Get Wonder Man on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.!!!
"I've never heard any rumors before of Nathan being the "difficult" type". I have, but the reason I'm even quoting from Andrew's comment is I'm pretty much sure the only person associated with Joss I would be shocked hearing was difficult, or being overbearing with other actors on set, is Clark Gregg. And we know that will never happen...phew! Thank you for that favor, universe.

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