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May 12 2016

'Marvel's Most Wanted' SHIELD spin-off not moving forward. I assume this means they'll be back on the main show which I support.

ABC can that I can;t say.

Don't know that I'd necessarily assume they're coming back, although with the (rather overwraught at this point) SOMEBODY'S GONNA DIE thing they have going, I suppose the team may have room again.
I might be alone in this, but I hope they don't come back to S.H.I.E.L.D. on a permanent basis. I like Bobbi and Hunter a lot, but the smaller cast in S.H.I.E.L.D. gives the remaining characters a little more room to breathe and grow. It feels less crowded.
I hope they would show up a bit to at least give us some closure.
I'm honestly very surprised. Even if they weren't confident in it, I assumed it would replace Agent Carter (assuming that also was getting canned, sadly). I'm very let down!

Bobbi is one of the best things in the MCU, imo, so I was excited to see her run her own show. I'd want her and Hunter back on SHIELD asap, but I really do like having less characters on the show. And their farewell seemed, well, pretty final. It would feel narratively odd for them to come back as regulars.

This is terrible news. :/
Given the Agent Carter cancellation and the weakening ratings on SHIELD I can't say I'm terribly surprised. ABC may need to step back and evaluate their Marvel plan. Be nice if we get a closure episode next season, but I think SHIELD overall will get a major reworking in the offseason
Everyone was REALLY confidant about this being picked up a few weeks ago, it makes you wonder what the hell happened.
If Cruel Intentions isn't picked up, I might lose my mind at this point.
I really loved Bobbi as a character, and felt like she never got as much character development as I wanted on AoS. Totally understandable given the size of the cast, but I was looking forward to seeing more of her on the new show. Sad to hear it didn't work out. Hopefully AoS can at least bring her and Hunter back as guest stars somewhere down the road.

Or maybe she'll get a lead role in something else. Something where she gets to kick ass a lot. I'd be okay with that, too. But still, it's really disappointing that they wrote the two of them out of the show (in a fairly weak and contrived episode, IMO), only to have the new series fail to get picked up. :-(
They could come back without the cast getting any bigger.

The show is already planning on killing a team member.

Ward needs to die. Seriously. Brett Dalton has done a wonderful job, but I don't think I could stand seeing him come back for season 4 as the Chameleon, Mephisto, or whatever. It's past time to retire the villain.

That's two open spots.
I think AoS has suffered by its own insignificance with respect to the MCU. I can watch all the movies without missing out on a single thing if I stop watching AoS, which I just might do, depending on the finale.
Out of the pilots I knew about this is the only one I was counting on. Bummer. Hope they come back to AoS which I'm loving every moment of this season despite all the flack it seems catch here.
Marvel really lost big in not utilizing Agent Carter and more importantly Agents of Shield to tie in the Marvel universe more. That's what fans really want. By not doing that or acknowledging it more than casual references (excluding the roundabout hydra plot) a lot of us already knew that would weaken the shows.


*in mourning*
"Wonderful"... Now bring them back, already.
I do not at all believe that tying "Agent Carter" and "SHIELD" more into the cinematic universe would have been good.

Sure, the fans want Iron-Man to show up one week and Cap to show up the next week. That's not possible. Those actors are busy and movies work on timelines that take years per movie, not weeks per episode like TV.

What we'd *actually* get is more episodes like the "Thor: The Dark World" tie in. Remember that? The SHIELD team was literally cleaning up Thor's mess after his battle. No sight of him, just a really lame mention that he exists.

Mentioning the SHIELD people more in the movies would not have made the show better. It might have detracted from the movies. People are already a little leery of how much time the movies spend setting up other movies. Adding in TV show tie-ins just for the sake of trying to help the TV shows would definitely come across as a marketing tactic. That's because it *would* be a marketing tactic.

Plus, it's not even really clear that the shows have to be tied into the movies to be good. You don't have to have watched any other Marvel movies to enjoy "Guardians of the Galaxy." "Ant-Man" mentions the Stark family, but just barely, and it is completely understandable to anyone who hasn't seen the "Iron-Man" movies. Daredevil made some nice references to the first "Avengers" movie, but that was minor, significantly less than the effort that "SHIELD" has made to reference the movies. Yet Daredevil has been great.

The shows live or die by their own quality (and time slot, and marketing, and luck, etc.) There's just no real advantage to tying into the movies.

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Harrumph. And another for the demise of Agent Carter which I loved.
I predict that Bobbi and Hunter will be back next season, but only as guest stars. Possibly recurring ones, but not as regulars. Partly because I think the show will be getting a budget cut next season, and partly because I think they will shift focus heavily to the Secret Warriors.
Again, bummer. It sure seemed like the Hunter/Bobbi show was a lock. I expected Agent Carter but I was looking forward to this show filling the midsession break.

Is there another Marvel property that could fill it?
John Ridley's supposed to be developing a show but we don't even know what its about. There's the Damage Control comedy but that might not have been picked up either.
AndrewCrossett, budgets for S3 were likely set earlier this spring (with 90% of it contractual) when it was picked up and won't change through out next year and are completely independent of Marvel's Most Wanted.
Bobbi and Hunter better show up somewhere. :(
The chances of any tie in past this point are pretty much nil while the internal Marvel Civil War(no pun intended) goes on.
Sad news indeed, I'm sure it would have been a great show. They quickly grew into two of my favourite AoS characters. I was sad about their departure from the show too, so I'm hoping as well that they will simply get back into the fold.
They may have changed their minds but when Hunter and Bobbi left all the press releases indicated that they were gone as
regulars whether MMW was picked up or not.

Its starting to look like these CBM shows work best off of the Major networks. Starting next fall the CW will have 4 shows
that more or less share the same universe and Marvel will have five shows plus a teamup on Netflix doing the same. It works
for them.

But AoS and Gotham are sitting out there alone and are no longer pulling very good numbers. Both are somewhat in trouble.
Neither has a chance of moving to Netflix, nor any other network like Freeform or F/X imo. I do expect expansion at some
point on those two networks but it will be newer, lower cost shows imho.

Unless Damage Control and/or Cloak & Dagger go forward we will soon be left with nothing Marvel related other than Netflix
and possibly some Fox-men shows on F/X.

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