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May 13 2016

An interview with Buffy's Kristine Sutherland. There's some nice insights into Joyce's relationship with Buffy.

What a lovely interview! Her portrayal of Joyce added so much to the show .... it's nice to know that she enjoyed the role so much, and remembers it so fondly.
Lovely interview indeed! She was such a stabilizing factor in the show. In the beginning there was a sense that Joyce was a bit of a foil because she didn't understand what Buffy was actually going through, but when she was brought into it all, she really felt like an oasis of normalcy for me, from all the craziness Buffy would go through.
Thank you for posting this! I didn't realize it until reading this, but she really was such an important part of the show. And she sounds like a wonderful person in real life.

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