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May 14 2016

SMG's 'Cruel Intentions' revival still alive at NBC. Our Buffy is starring in and producing the pilot.

Sounds like it's being tangled in studio deal-making, and may be airing in Summer 2017 (which sounds much too far away from now) if all goes well.

I wouldn't be setting your DVR for this.
Why not, IrrationaliTV?
I'm optimistic about it! The film was soooo cheesey at times (okay, most of the time), but I found it charming. The plot for the show sounds interesting enough, and I'd kill to have Kathryn on my screen every week.

The pilot has a lot of buzz around it, the studios sound like they like it, and Sarah is attached to it. Not to mention it shouldn't cost that much to make. It's a drama. I could see them doing a 13 episode season, and then seeing how viewership is. I just hope they don't end on any cliffhangers, i.e. Agent Carter.
Don't cross Kathryn.
If someone says this could be aired in the summer of 2017 it means they are waiting for a less public time to bury it in a shallow grave in the woods.
Don't say that! I need this to pull through, especially after losing Agent Carter and Most Wanted! :(
Here's direct quotes pertaining to it. I'm also a bit curious about /how/ they're going to pull it off on NBC. The film used tons of profanity. I guess they could go the American Crime route and block out the swearing? I just hope it works out, even if they have to shop it around to better suited networks.
"If someone says this could be aired in the summer of 2017 it means they are waiting for a less public time to bury it in a shallow grave in the woods."

Not necessarily. Summer shows have lower expectations, but they also have a lighter, cheesier tone to them, so this show could just be a better fit for the summer.
13 months from now on a network schedule? Sure. Happy to be wrong. Not a show I would ever watch anyway. Just throwing in my perspective that it is dead as a door nail no matter what polite sound bite is thrown out during a press conference call about the shows they DID pick up. YMMV
I liked that movie back then (among other things I always prefered Gellar with dark hair - then again I prefer anybody with dark hair), but considering my current viewpoint on things I don't think I would do so today, and I'd rather watch something else with SMG.

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