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May 16 2016

(SPOILER) Second clip from the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. two-part finale. The necklace of death makes an appearance, of course.

That necklace is getting annoying. But at least it seems to make no qualms about being a dream sequence of some sort.

Looking forward to it regardless of how annoyed this death-mystery has gotten. :)

And I might even go see Civil War a second time tomorrow to warm up.
I love Daisy's dream sequences.
L'hippo a pique' ses pantalons.
Yeah no way that's real. Even Coulson sounds a bit "off". But still nice to remind us where Hive came from.
Coulson almost sounds dead and reanimated.
Wait a minute, that's exactly who he is.
Hah RobynH.

It was a good dream sequence and Daisy should be very freaked out by it. I wonder if this clip opens tonight's episode.

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