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May 17 2016

Thor writer reveals real origin of Marvel's Agent Coulson. Proof that life is stranger than fiction.

It turns out Coulson became what he is today due to the non-efforts of one incredible man. Thank you SLJ !
That scene with Coulson exchanging papers for champagne with Pepper was my favorite scene in whichever Iron Man it was. (Was that the first one?) Actually, it's pretty much the only thing I remember out of all three of them.
Heh, it's actually from Avengers...
I liked him because they appeared as typical government bureaucratic law enforcement, there to get in the way generally and be useless. But then he and the others all executed that fluid leap over some railing in Ironman and instantly you knew they were something very different. And I think sometimes that's what is missing from the show. The mysteriously casual awesomeness. (If that makes any sense.)
Well, I guess it shows just how much of an impression the Iron Man movies made on me.

So of course it's a great scene. It's one of Joss's.

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