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May 17 2016

(SPOILER) Discuss the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season finale. The finale is two episodes. "Absolution" was written by Chris Dingess and Drew Z. Greenberg and directed by Billy Gierhart. "Ascension" was written by Jed Whedon and directed by Kevin Tancharoen.

Wait, am I first? I'm not even caught up!
I was here. Just busy. So you get to be first. :) Showtime!

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2016-05-18 02:01 ]
Should we drink every time that necklace is shown on screen?
All I have is water.

And yes, as we thought, dream sequence.
Formalizing my theory here: it's either Fitz or Simmons dying. They have been waaaaaay too happy for a Whedon show.
@Nebula1400 at least you won't get alcohol poisoning.
Joss writing credit!!
What happens if Hive uses his parasites on an Inhuman that hasn't gone through the change yet? Would he still kill them or just influence them?
Oh god oh god I love Fitz.
Joss writing credit? How did I miss that?
And I thought my passwords were long...
Dollhouse reference. They chose that code for a reason...
How could you not want to high five Fitz?
And Fitz was far too cute to survive....
Dollhouse reference?
Hahaha CGI Fitz. Nice jump in to the mission.
Can someone jog my memory? What happened to Lola?
Nebula, I missed it, my husband spotted it - Joss has written Part 2, he says. I was typing here (sighs at self).

Should we add John Hannah being threatened to the drinking game?
Great addition to the game.
I officially declare Mack and Yo Yo off the list of available sacrifices. Do not touch them. Nooooooooo!That damn cross!!
I'm here but catching up!!!
Ha! Tools!
Jed wrote the second part, javelina. I checked during th commercial.
Ward was not brainwashed. He was inducted. Slight difference.
Hmmmmmm....... interesting idea.
Inventive use of the memory machine!

It's a condensed Buffy depression arc!
Hope the death don't come out of nowhere.

Daisy with all this I deserve this, what's this? Buffy Season 6 all over again?
Well they are dealing with the warhead pretty early. I wonder where they go from here ?
Ah, I'll have to yell (sweetly) at javelina_spouse. Thanks, Nebula.

The memory machine is also giving me Dollhouse flashbacks!
Well damn.
I could watch May fight all night.
@mnspnr I was thinking the same thing.
John Hannah is awesome!

I fear he's going to replace Fitz or Simmons.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2016-05-18 02:32 ]
And John Hannah survives to be threatened again. Too bad I'm drinking water as well.
With 90 minutes left I wouldn't be so happy guys.
Nebula, no, not Fitz! Edited to add: or Simmons!

I'm afraid Dusk is right. We're not going to be happy, are we?

[ edited by javelina on 2016-05-18 02:34 ]
Sadly @Dusk is soooo right.
I wonder if this could mean they're bringing John Hannah on as a regular? Because that could be fantastic.
Welp well done everyone that was a good mission, let's pretend it ends here.
This is reminding me of Loki on the Hellicarier, remember what happened to Coulson that time... ugh....
I can tell by your mustache
You can't have two Scottish guys on the same American show. But he's a combo of Fitz and Simmons in terms of his skill set.
Don't need the necklace for this drinking game. Radcliffe seems to attract threats.
Maybe both Fitz and Simmons will die. I still want it to be Lincoln.
I may have posted too soon.
Could Mack go give Bucky a hug next? I think he needs one too...
Oh I hope so Ozzel. And yes Sunfire. Next bit is going to hurt.
Stop it. Stop being happy and planning for the future! Stop it right now!!
Pass the Necklace is a terrible game.
Snorkeling... Probably not as much fun for Fitz as she thinks it will be.
@Nebula1400 I was thinking the same thing...
How did Bucky get in there for Mack to hug?
@Nebula1400 Fed Ex?
Oh hell no...
I don't like this!
Which is stronger, the necklace's curse or Fitz's?
Nice. Did not see that coming.
mnspr, right there with you. Worst. Game. Ever.

Who's going to say "In two weeks I go home" next? So far Lincoln, Jemma, Fitz ...

Nebula and NYTinPA, I'm with you on the snorkeling!
Fitz and Mack perfect set ups fro a death!

Aw, Daisy must have told Hive how to get "parts" in.

Radcliffe drinking game still going strong eh?
Only one day away from retirement!
Oh FFFFFFFFs. (Guess what all the middle F's are.)
Is Daisy immune now?
Apparently. Lash's doing?
Poor background extras.

This is basically Buffy wanting to be sired right?
Lash seems to have de-Hived Daisy permanently.
I got a Buffy vibe from that last shot, Dusk.
It's so funny when Radcliffe remembers belatedly to be a human.
The woes of TV budget, Daisy's powers can't actually be as destructive as they actually are.
OK. That was creepy. Like nightmare creepy.
Epic Daisy!!!!
Sunny ditch!
Dammit. I like Yo-Yo.
Really? They same as Pietro....
Was that a Firefly shoutout?
Oh no not Yo-yo!
@mnspnr That's what I was thinking! "What was that...?"
My theory: the fallen agent is a Koenig.
The piece of the hangar flying at the camera, ending the scene, mnspnr?
Fitz and May snuck aboard right? One of them goes to space?

Think Mack is safe and Yo-Yo will probably recover.
Because there are still hidden Koenig brothers, ReaverTam?
Yes, Nebula. Must be the primary buffer panel.
FFFFFFnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...garbled noise*
Oh no May, she was my pick. Ugh.
Oh, they remembered Lincoln is a Physician.
Fitz and May, damn.

A blowtorch? Oh, my God.
"Clever girl" - Jurassic Park line, but not a happy one ...

Also, drink!
*puts on nerd pet peeve hat*
Jurassic Park stole that line from Total Recall!
*takes off hat*
Ooh, thanks, Grack21!
Smart/lucky Simmons.

I actually hope they keep Radcliffe next year.

May's goodbye speech?
Fitz is going to die, because he's so cool.
I like Radcliffe, already more likable and with better chemistry with the team than Lincoln in an entire year.
...and Daisy has the cross.
And he passes the necklace to Daisy...
Coulson is going to die.
Drink, again.
Necklace passed.

Drink? Or throw things at the TV?
By now the glass and bottle should be empty, so throwing might be all that's left.
James is having his "Happy Meals with Legs" moment a little late.

@Dusk that's what I thought.

[ edited by hann23 on 2016-05-18 03:30 ]
Necklace time?

Coulson you know doing things alone never ends well right?

Please don't kill Radcliffe.

Hey Fitz and Simmons both have 1 kill each now! ETA: Oh he's a 2, Gordon from last finale.

[ edited by Dusk on 2016-05-18 03:30 ]
SO who's doing the Buffy speech from The Gift, cause someone's is about to sacrifice him/herself.
It's not exactly Plan A...
Help me Obiwan Kenobi...
And this is so familiar.
Get out the blow torch!
Some wonderful work by Bear McCreary I must say.....
Can't they just put the necklace in the quinjet?
Shotgun Ax FTW !
Love Mack's zombie apocalypse weapon

hey really are nerfing the Inhumans eh? Good thing Joey left.

Take back what I said about Coulson.

Still not invested in Daisy/Lincoln.
FWIW so far this has been a superior finale.
An Ax Gun named Vera?
Good choice.
That was sad. But now it's confusing.
Call the Director?
Yes. Confusing. But intriguing.
So, who is the Director?
Wait what? Whose the Director then?


She wants to introduce them to Cal right?

Still not overly invested in Lincoln.

Secret Warriors are basically kaput right? Elena, Joey, James and Daisy are the only Inhumans left. One is an enemy, Daisy leaves and Joey quit.
Did I hear a "she" in connection with the Director, or was I hallucinating? I need a TiVo, dammit.
Daisy was very Jessica Jones.

My guess is that Coulson stepped down to hunt Daisy.

May is director?

I need to rewatch but that was amazing. Lincoln's death was well done. I'm glad it wasn't May, I was very worried for her.
Oh no. What did Radcliffe do?
Yes John Hannah!
Yay! He gets to be in next season!

And finally, maybe we're getting LMDs?
All those LMD theories from Season 1 are coming true!!!!

Radcliffe stays!
They cranked it up to 11.
Did he call that robot Ava? Is this the prequel to Ex Machina?

I wonder if Fury is back as director. Maybe he'll be a semi-regular next season?

[ edited by AndrewCrossett on 2016-05-18 04:02 ]
Given recent comments from various people involved I'd say you're going to see zero tie in between the MCU and the show next year.
Did SHIELD break up if FitzSimmons is working for Radcliffe?
Glad we keep Radcliffe!

But wait- no more Brett Daulton! He won't be back. I'm a bit sad.

[ edited by hann23 on 2016-05-18 04:04 ]
I doubt Fury will be semi-regular, though he may make another cameo if we're lucky. May? Someone else entirely?
The Director is Peggy Carter as discussed this morning somewhere digital. Via a time rock or something. I prefer this head canon.
The CC had the name as Aida.
My guess is someone was appointed as the new head of SHIELD, and the directive is to neutralize Inhumans.

There's something familiar about the carved bird and giving the bird to the little girl. Why is that familiar?
Could be Maria Hill.
Great finale tonight.I'll be honest, Lincoln was at the top of my list as the big death but it was handled really well.

We also lost Brett Dalton tonight I'm assuming.Ward's dead as well as Hive so I assume this was his exit as well.He did a great job on the show.

The six month later jump is very Intriguing Looks like Daisy has gone rogue and Coulson is no longer director.Can't wait to find out it is.

Also the tag.LMD aka Life Modle Decoys next season?Might be another way to bring back Brett Dalton and another reinvention for him to play.

[ edited by Buffyfantic on 2016-05-18 04:13 ]
Agents of Shield: Hot Potato. All I could think during the episodes. Kind of wish every time the necklace passed they would have played Duh Duh Duhhhhhh! Also one of the characters should have looked at the cross, said to hell with that and slipped it into someone elses pocket. A little bit silly at the end, liked the mid-season beats better. Now the long wait until next season with nothing to tide us over. Thanks to Brett Dalton for taking a character that was rather bland and turning it into one of the more interesting characters out there. Also Thanks to Luke Mitchell for wearing a giant target on his back for 2 seasons. Cast has really shrunk down now. Hope they can find a way to get Morse and Hunter back.
Aida could be Artificial Intelligence Data Analyser.
@Nebula1400 The little girl is the daughter of the poor man who always saw the future when he touched anyone and that person did too. I think that he carved the bird as a rememberance for him to hold of his daughter.
@Nebula1400 - I believe the girl/mother were wife/daughter of the Inhuman who had the power of seeing the future visions - he touched Hydra Malick and Daisy. Believe he carved the robins - Daisy referenced robbing the banks to pay for them to relocate and start over. Also liked her reference to her father (Knows another person who likes animals)
@Nebula-The bird thing is to the wife and daughter of the homeless Inhuman that gave Daisy the vision.
Can't say that I care about Lincoln being gone, but Hive's finale moments were awesome
You know Lincoln may have died but its Daisy who's fallen.

[ edited by JDL on 2016-05-18 04:27 ]
Three endings! It was sort of like "Return of the King."

I liked the slowed-down pacing of the last moments of Hive and Lincoln in space, as they both just accepted what was about to happen.

Lincoln was never my favorite character, alas, but he "died well" as they say. Daisy is not exactly doing his memory proud. Sigh. But angry goth Daisy is better than whiny depressed Daisy, so ...

All hail John Hannah's Radcliffe, who could somewhat make up for the absence of Hunter.

Brett Dalton I am going to miss like crazy, I realize. Who would have predicted that, a few episodes into Season 1?!
I wouldn't be AT ALL surprised to see Brett Dalton come back next year as an LMD. I'm not sure what the in-show rationale for that would be...
So glad I hadn't imagined that it was part of the story from months ago. I just had trouble remembering which character made the bird. Thanks for reminding me, everyone!
Brett Dalton could come back as an LMD, but in that role, he would be a bland good guy loyal to SHIELD again. BUT, if Radcliff, et al, just created an LMD for the first time, how could Tony Stark claim to be his Life Model Decoy in The Avengers?
Maybe Tony was just goofing around and throwing out references to hypothetical tech. If LMD's really existed in the MCU, I'd think we'd have seen them by now. They'd come in handy!
There was a moment during his fight with Daisy where Hive really looked like Evil Neo from The Matrix.

Brett Dalton is amazing. If any of you gamers haven't played Until Dawn, where he plays a major character, you're doing yourselves a disservice. It's a great game and he puts in a great performance
Eh, I don't expect them to become a full on thing. LMDs present a sort of Skrull problem-Introduce them and then every-time someone does something weird or seems OCC, you derail the conversation into "H/She must be a LMD!"

[ edited by Dusk on 2016-05-18 05:11 ]

[ edited by Dusk on 2016-05-18 05:11 ]
Still kind of bummed Bobbi is gone, she was my favorite female character. To have actually become cooler than Daisy and May is no small feat.

[ edited by Angel&Faith on 2016-05-18 05:22 ]
Eh, I don't even consider this part of the MCU any more. So saying this is the first LMD wouldn't bother me much.
Me? Mostly just annoyed that the channel showing Agents of Shield in my area did such a terrible job of it tonight.
There were problems with the picture early in the first hour, and they cut in with local commercials at a crucial moment in the last half hour so the story got completely disrupted.

Otherwise, very pleased at the way this show seems to have developed.

Loved some of the humor tonight, like the mustache remark. Too funny.

[ edited by Scraggles on 2016-05-18 05:57 ]
That was a really good episode. Maybe the best finale so far. Felt like a Buffy episode. I wondered while I watched if Joss wrote some of the scenes in particular the opening and the final dialogue between Hive and Lincoln. I was confused by the ending. What was the lmd about? And coulson is no longer director? Daisy is on the run?
If next season is the last least it's been a good run.
Reading the thread and just caught the bit about a Joss writing credit. Lol. Joss' writing is so familiar. I didn't even see the credits.

Edit, OK so Joss doesn't have a credit but it sure felt like his dialogue in some of those quieter moments. So I will assume Joss got bored during his unemployment and decided to do a little writing with Jed.

[ edited by eddy on 2016-05-18 06:18 ]

[ edited by eddy on 2016-05-18 06:18 ]
Nebula, didn't Radcliffe say something about it being a old SHIELD program in reference to LMDs.

[ edited by eddy on 2016-05-18 14:54 ]
It was Jed, not Joss. The first episode was Drew Greenberg's, and did feel Buffyesque. The last shot of Daisy screaming (causing all sorts of quaking) reminded me a little of Buffy screaming in "Hush."
It's possible, eddy. I don't recall him saying that, but it could be. Will have to watch it again.
I have a vague recollection of a hazy memory that LMD's were on a building directory in S1 ep the Hub along with HAMMER.

[ edited by JDL on 2016-05-18 08:46 ]
So then:
1) LINCOLN. Called it again!

2) Great episodes all around, but I thought the acting for the back half of the second episode was particularly excellent. As I said before, never hated Lincoln like a lot of people, so the whole sacrifice and heartfelt goodbye and whatnot was sad and touching to me. I will admit . . . never felt he and Daisy had chemistry, until the end here, shame that didn't get more time to shine before abruptly ending. But hey, bang up finish!

3) Just love the Coulson/Hive confrontation. Thought the CGI for Hive was pretty awesome. Bit over-the-top, but awesome. Wish they would have brought that out during the Kree fight a few episodes ago, but again, good enough.

4) Ending with Hive and Lincoln in the jet . . . spectacular.

5) Six month cut . . . less spectacular. Too jarring, didn't like it. The changes were fine, just not fond of that "jump cut" transition.

6) No mention of the new director's gender of any kind was made by Mac or Phil. So could be anyone.

7) Radcliffe did, in fact, say the LMD was based on an old SHIELD program, so no, it is probably not the first EVER LMD, but it's likely the first ever truly indistinguishable human mimic design. As for how Tony Stark knew the phrase back in Avengers, he was most likely a part of it in some capacity (being a robotics expert and all) and knew that human mimicry was their goal.

All in all, loved this 2-parter. So glad Fitz and Simmons are still together. Glad most of the primaries are still with us. Like the new direction SHIELD is taking. Not 100% sold on Angsty Daisy, but am totally willing to give it a whirl. And looking forward to seeing what Radcliffe is setting us up for!
Thought it was a strong finale to an uneven season. The Lincoln n' Hive ending was nicely done, was interesting how Hive accepted his fate calmly and was reflective in the end - gave the character more depth in 2 minutes than had been given most of the season. Thought Chloe really nailed it, especially in second episode - that was some Grade A crying right there.

I kind of got the vibe that FitzSimmons may or may not be regulars next season? Between the plans for an island vacation and the off hand reference that 6 months later they were off doing something ....

I think the show, given new mgmt and new time slot WILL be tinkered with more than usual this off season. Thrilled that John Hannah appears to be in the long term plan, curious what other "tweaks" they go through
On the whole a very underwhelming ending, and all that that extended dialogue, sheesh. And that epilogue- overwhelmed by grief, she breaks away a nd becomes a Robin Hood. I know there's no such thing as an inherently new story, just variations, but that was tastelessly heavy-handed.
Some of the writing did seem very Joss-y to me. Radcliffe's mustache line, Coulson's Obi Wan Kenobi moment, some of the more intense dialogue. But it's unfair to assume that the other writers aren't capable of coming up with good dialogue. With Joss no longer drawing a consultant paycheck from Marvel, I think it's highly unlikely he's making any direct behind-the-scenes contributions.

So Holden Radcliffe has been Operation Paperclipped into SHIELD. They made a point of having him talk about Fitz and Simmons in the present tense, probably to reassure us that he is NOT replacing them as the Science Guy.

Looks like we'll have a new Sexy Robot character next season. That's not really what LMD's are supposed to be, though... they're supposed to mimic real people. Basically allowing the comic writers to kill off major characters and then come back later and say "Ha! It was only an LMD." Kind of a lame crutch if not used sparingly. I imagine the show will have to come up with some rationale for limiting their use, otherwise a lot of the drama will be lost. I don't really want a whole season of listening to "Who Will Die?" announcer guy saying "Who's really DEEEEAAAAAD???"

The new Director of SHIELD has to be somebody we know. Otherwise they would have probably revealed his or her identity right off the bat. Could be Nick Fury, could be Maria Hill.

Cool new use of Daisy's powers. Looks like she needs a solid surface to push off of, so she can't literally fly... just jump really high and far, like the Hulk.
Joss has a executive producer credit on the show so I'm sure he's involved with the show in some manner even if it's something like watching dailies or suggesting stories. I don't think Joss would leave his name on the show if he wasn't involved in some way. After all with the creator credit he gets paid for every episode regardless of involvement in the series.

[ edited by eddy on 2016-05-19 00:19 ]
Maybe it's just that Daisy is Team Cap now & is on the run because she refuses to sign up in compliance with the Accords... ;) (And you know, she and Bucky worked together in the comics.)
Raise your hand if you knew that Lincoln signed his death with the 'I'm no hero/I'm out of here when it's over' scene? Poor kid was asking to be proven wrong.

Great eps! Moved so fast, so tight - it deserves a re-watch.

Daisy on her knees to be drugged again - I love it! It makes it that more awesome when she goes BAMF on him.

"Where's the Necklace" is the new where's Waldo with death...

I was seriously worried when Simmons was planning the trip - it's like begging someone to destroy their happiness.

More Radcliffe, thank you.

Chloe brought her A-game this finale. Not so sure about goth Daisy or SHIELD hunting her, but we'll find out in 6 months if it makes sense.

ps. Help me Obiwan Kenobi.. (Jed, we see what you did there, you big nerd)
Blake: "A-I-D-A, Attention, Interest, Decision, Action."
"A-B-C, Always Be Coulson. ALWAYS BE COULSON ! ! !"
@eddy "Joss has a executive producer credit on the show so I'm sure he's involved with the show in some manner"

I'm not certain of that. Executive Producer credit is often given for people who have created the concept and/or characters, brought the cast and crew and creative team together and sold the network on the concept. An EP may or may not have any day-to-day involvement with running the show.

This is just general industry practice, as described by people I have talked with, who are in the trenches. I have no specific information on the level of Joss involvement in AoS.
IIRC the Kuzui's got an EP credit on Buffy and never had anything to do with the show other than producing the Movie.
4 months, Mirage. 4 months, DAMNIT! I can't take a 6 month wait. This isn't cable. :)
Yeah, pretty sure I'm done. It's not that it was a bad season... but it wasn't particularly Mutant Enemy worthy, has failed to engender any emotional investment, and simply doesn't matter in the MCU. There are other reasons that none of the Marvel TV shows have drawn me in, but this one I gave three seasons, rather than 1-2 episodes.
Well, he had a good death, but I gotta say a Lincoln for Radcliffe trade is an excellent deal. I hope we get lots of Radcliffe next season. Also SO relieved they didn't kill Mac or Yo Yo. I really want her on the team. She's cool, and also very useful.

And A+ work from Chloe--I thought she was wonderful. And Brett, too.

I really hated "pass the necklace," though. Major eyeroll every time I saw the damn thing. Also too much stopping for expository feelings reveal in the midst of danger.
@JDL & @RobynH
From memory sometime midway through last year there was an interview with Elizabeth Henstridge posted where she was asked about Joss' current involvement in the show and she talked about how he visited the set from time to time, and described aspects of Simmons story arc as coming from him.
And the fact that he was actively visiting the set makes me think that he was more involved in the show than alot of people would assume.
While during the Age of Ultron press tour Joss described his role on the show as looking at Jed's ideas and nodding with approval at how good they are (and while that sounds fairly hands off, knowing what we know about Joss' sense of humour, it does seem to suggest that he has degree of oversite and is consulted upon for story arcs, even if he doesn't end up changing much.)

A good comparison point might be Drew Goddard with Daredevil- most people assumed that his involvement with the show ended when he had to step down as showrunner, but in the lead up to Season 2 he talked about sitting down with the writers room and discussing the story arcs...which is very likely what Joss does to a degree with SHIELD.
I think Joss had some involvement with the show back when he still had a contract with Marvel. Probably through the end of last season. Now, though, I'd be very surprised if he has any input other than whatever informal advice he gives his brother and sister-in-law.
No one here has any real idea how much Joss is or isn't involved with the day to day operations of AoS yet this topic seems to be debated here with definitive proclamations made about this at least once a week. Silly.
He's said that he's not involved with Marvel in any way anymore. I don't think he's in the business of doing pro bono work for big corporations.
Unless he's not cashing those 'Executive Producer' checks from Marvel, or has divested himself from any financial involvement in Mutant Enemy, I think it's fair to say his Marvel ties are not completely severed, nor will they be for some time.

He may not be creatively involved anymore, but there's nothing pro bono about their relationship
He did write that Captain America comic book story recently so he's still working with Marvel.
I'd also wanna throw in that Jed & Mo helped out with some small Avengers 1 bits (Joss brings that up in the audio commentary). So I wouldn't call it far fetched to at least entertain the idea that even if he isn't deep in the trenches with the others, he may still give some feedback and suggestions every now and then. Not like it's a crazy thing among family who tend to collaborate a lot either. :)

On-topic: Loved how this was handled, especially the very unexpected 6 month jump. Lincoln being the one who goes seemed like the natural choice in retrospect. Plus it actually made me care because Daisy (Chloe) absolutely brought the pain right then and there. I was devastated because she was devastated.

Some killer lines in both episodes, too. That mustache line has kept me entertained throughout the day. :)
Besides robbing the bank to help the family of the dead Inhuman psychic, if you read the first newspaper clipping on Coulson's wall, of a bridge in San Francisco collapsing from a quake ? Sounds like Daisy may have just been in the right place at the right time and may've saved some people. Like she vibrated the bridge down GENTLY when it was about to fall or crumble anyway. Either that or, more disappointingly, she was covering her tracks/trying to throw off those following her on the road. I'm not sure I really wanted another Daisy-centered storyline next season.

Strong finale, overall. I thought more was going to be done with Hive's brain suddenly being rattled and the memories and personalities of his hosts showing through a bit...I thought we might maybe be in for an awfully convenient Ward revival right at the end there...but it didn't amount to much. More to highlight how Hive is an Inhuman who's compelled by his nature/his physiology to "connect" (via infection and subjugation) with other Inhumans. He's as addicted as those in his thrall, seems like (even though he DOES have sentience and, we can assume, some self control-- he's not JUST an infection. Lincoln's alcoholism was icing on the cake. It was beautiful what Hive said/what Hive realized, about Linc probably feeling more connected to them (his friends? The portion of the population he had saved? Humanity as a whole?) in his moment of self sacrifice and impending death. Was Hive a bit envious of that connection ? (especially since it came without force). Or just ponderous/thoughtful/curious about it ? He sure took his impending doom with grace, but maybe that lack of panic is what comes with thousands of years of feeling above everyone else and becoming all detatched.

I did like his end and appreciated that he didn't go out fighting or raging at everything/at Lincoln. He could have easily swayed Linc in order to force him to maybe think up a quick fix to their predicament, to just get one over on someone vengefully one last time, to get Linc to give him a BJ before he went at least (mind in gutter, yes, most of the time), but...he seemed to keep him there conscious, un-brainwashed, and conversational because it was as good a connection as he (Hive) was gonna get in his final moments.

Hive could have been a more tragic character (even with his scary tentacled Inhuman face occasionally showing like it did tonight -- and I thought they did a REALLY nice job on that -- was it a mix of practical and CGI effects?) if he had gotten more time and backstory, been better fleshed out, and maybe had interacted with other characters that brought more out in him. If they really had wanted to delve into his backstory, they could have shown more brief flashbacks of his life as a human before he was captured by the Kree.

Lincoln's death was a good one and the most acceptable loss of all the characters. I didn't hate him, but yes he was occasionally bland. He was some damn fineneye candy, but there's plenty else on the show. The way the finale was going, I definitely could've accepted Daisy as the death as well, much as that would've made me sad. For Coulson, it doesn't feel like his time yet. I know May could've easily gone too, but that would've been the most predictable death after Lincoln, IMO. I figured Fitz & Simmons would be safe.

Wonder if James will be a part of the team or make a cameo next year. He only got knocked out, right ?

Wonder what'll happen to the altered WatchDogs and SHIELD agents who weren't killed...hopefully that's addressed next season. What do they become, without Hive to influence them ? How do they act ?

I like this show (occasionally flat-out love it), but I would be fine with this as a series finale too (minus the 6 Months Later tease). It wouldn't have hurt so bad if it had been canceled. Agent Carter, I'd like at least one more limited season or a movie for, but AoS is good as-is. A lot of things came full circle in this ep.

Hope they keep the cast small. Either cameo Bobbi & Hunter or leave them out of it -- I don't want them back as full cast members. I like the cast small and manageable. How great are the smaller, intimate character moments (like Mack reassuring Daisy) when they have ROOM for them and it's not at the expense of screen time for other characters ?

DID we see Joey officially quit ? I thought we'd see him in the finale. And seriously now, where the heck is Deathlok ?

[ edited by Kris on 2016-05-20 20:37 ]
I am glad the two remaining characters weighing down the show appear now to be gone and it can move on.
intimate character moments (like Mack reassuring Daisy)

Oh yes. Now that was hug with palpable healing powers.
I want to see Yo-Yo come back next season. I think she's been the best of the Inhumans so far, apart from Daisy.
Yeah, Yo-Yo can stay. Besides being a pretty good addition, her and Mack are fun together (made me abandon my Joey-and-Mack-will-be-a-thing pet theory from earlier this season, but oh well, it's an acceptable loss if they find a way to bring Joey back once in a while).

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