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May 18 2016

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 10 #27. It's part two of the "Own It" arc.

I'm hoping that the comment from editor Freddye Miller in the letters column means Dark Horse will confirm next month that Christos and Rebekah will be back for Season 11.
So Wolfram and Hart will be the big bad next season?
Really good issue. If the new vamps don't come back into play, I'll be very disappointed. Would seem narratively odd to introduce them at the beginning of the season and then never really do anything with them besides a meh subplot with Harmony. But after A&F dropping so many characters this season, I'm not sure what to expect. So far I'm sensing a satisfying finale though.
This was the best issue in, like, ages. I especially loved Spike's reaction to the Angel goad, our glimpse into Giles's demons ("Isn't that why you've spent so much time here?") and Buffy versus Venobia -- she was vicious. I am, of course, talking about Buffy.
I got my copy of Buffy # 27,"Own It Part II" over the weekend.

I thought this was strong issue across the board..DOn't really have much to add that others haven't said.

I thought the Xander and Dawn stuff was great and enjoyed seeing Lilah again.I do wonder if we are going to see the retrun of Wolfram and Hart as a force for season 11.

The stuff with Buffy and the rest of the Scoobies was very strong.Thought Giles being called on running away from his problems was a interesting highlight.

And Buffy's lashing out is still in character IMO.As for the Buffy/Spike breakup.Putting my own shipper wants and preference.aside,I don't really have a opinion yet until I see next issue and how the season ends.

One other thing I will mention.Andrew is a character I never cared for.He's had his moments this season but I'm still not a fan.With that said,I really felt bad for him as he took Jonathan's emotional onslaught.The fact the creative team managed to make me care about a character I don't like says something and is impressive IMO.

Great issue overall.

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