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May 18 2016

Trailer for 'Lethal Weapon' tv show - featuring Buffy actor Clayne Crawford as Riggs. He, as we all remember, played Rodney Munson in the Buffy ep "Inca Girl".

I will never watch this abomination no matter who is in it! That being said, I decided that before watching the trailer...
Their voices sounded so much like Mel Gibson & Danny Glover, and the scene where Riggs shows up at Murtaugh's house and his wife invites him in reminded me so much of the movie that I have to watch it again.

I'm not sure about this being a series, though.
Ahh, Munson. Remember the bus station? "Impata..." Spook, spooky!
This shows existence I find to be blasphemous. I've always thought those movies have held up pretty well, even nearly 30 years later.
I do love some Damon Wayans, so I might give it one shot.
I like both of these actors a lot and I adore the Lethal Weapon movies so I'm giving this show a few episodes to hook me.
The trailer lost me at the dismissive bus death. I refuse to watch any shows that cavalier about any death.

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