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April 10 2004

Vampirella vs. Buffy Summers. A comic book battle you never thought you'd see.

Lets see.

Angel versus Batman
Spike versus Blade

Bound to be more comic book crossovers out there.

Not familiar with many comics to begin with or this character but I have faith that Buffy would ultimatily win if she had to fight. But I believe Buffy is also reasonable and because of knowing that Angel is a vampire with a soul as is Spike she might investigate Vampirella before killing her just in case what she says is true.
Angel would slaughter Batman, he always struck me as one of the worst super-heros, there's nothing "super" about him, he has no powers, he's just a strong guy that has gadgets, he's Bond in a cape!

I bought Blade the other day and was talking about a Blade/Angel fight, we decided (in a matter of seconds) that Blade would just kick the sh*t out of Angel, so I'd have to say the same would apply here, though the two are similar ie. good-guy vampires, Blade is a lot more violent and vampire-esque than Spike or Angel.

Other fights could include Oz versus Wolverine, Profesor X versus Giles, Albert (Batman's Butler) versus Wesley, Connor versus Teenage Clark Kent (Maybe The WB would like that idea!).
Batman "Bond in a cape?" I have to disagree, Batman would easily take out angel in heartbeat, he has faced vampires before and easily came out on top, and has been a match for Superman, Batman is a master in all forms of martial arts and hand to hand combat, plus has a very high intelligence very quick to sum up a situation and change his form of combat to come out on top in any situation and has high tech equipment to help him out, and has taken out villians much more powerful than him, Killer Croc for instance.

Just because someone doesn't have super powers doesn't mean they arent powerful in other areas are easily beaten.
It's been said by many, many comic book writers and many professional comic book fans (e.g. the folks at Wizard, etc.) that if you put Batman in a one-on-one with nearly any superhero, he'll find a way to defeat them. He's not only has the most toys, but a lack of superpowers has brought about in him a certain cunning.

Now, if you're talking about two brutes pounding away at each other in a bout of fisticuffs - Batman would be pulp for the Hulk, Superman, Thor, anybody. But he assess situations, develops strategies - something many heroes who are much more powerful find themselves incapable of doing since smashing things works well, too.

Batman's not one of my favorite characters. Darkness has never been my favorite part of comics, and his single-minded war on crime can get really tiresome on occasion. Plus, the extended bat-family thing right now is tres annoying.

I much prefer Green Lantern - Kyle Rayner. I can relate to Kyle as both a hero and a human being. But that's just me.
Why does this remind me of the Flying Shark vs. Flying Crocodile spoof that the Cartoon Network did on Adult Swim (turned out to be a sock puppet show, it was hillarious how people argued over it).
Oh man. The Bat Family is one of my favorite things about Batman. While Bruce is all dark and gloom, Nightwing. Robin (Tim), Oracle and Alfred always seem to have fun around each other...they always eemed to have a very real 'family' dynamic that added a human element to Bruce's one man war on crime.

But dude, props for the Kyle Rayner love, I've always loved the Kyle Green Lantern for just the same reason.
Let me join the fray. I agree that to dismiss Bats because he lacks superhuman abillities is missing the point. It's not about powers, it's about what YOU are capable of. (Which for example is why Kendra didn't last all that long) And as said, Batman will find a way. He's taken out Superman in more than one story, I doubt he couldn't take on Angel, especially since Angel isn't as quick with the thinking as Bats. He'd smell a normal human and figure on an easy battle.

As for Buffy vs Vampirella....well I am a comic book guy, but I'm not too familliar with Vampi. So I'm just gonna be happy with this outcome and BOY does this always make me feel nerdy. Yet I can't resist.
gohst spike, you've come up with excellent scenarios. i think connor though should totally be against the kid from batman beyond.
and blade vs ANGELUS?? angelus could probably take him out in a sec.
Yes, Blade versus Angelus is a totally different thing to Blade versus Angel, and Angelus would definitely win. Same as if Angelus were to fight souled Spike, Angelus would win.

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