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May 19 2016

Trailer for 'Powerless' - featuring Alan Tudyk. This NBC superhero comedy looks like it could be worth watching.

Looks pretty fun.Will check it out when it debuts.I think I read it's mid-season.
Edit: It was taken down when I first checked, but it looks like it is up now.

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I'm having Alpha (in A Love Supreme) flashbacks.
It looks like an editor cut every scene of the trailer right before they got to the joke. But the show stars Kate Micucci and Alan Tudyk, so I will watch it, on the assumption that there are actual jokes.
That's quite the cast yeah - I might give it a go. If the writing lives up to the acting, it should be a lot of fun.
The trailer is down. Couldn't find another version.
Here's another one
One crappy quality version that's still live:

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