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May 20 2016

Joel Silver comments on Joss Whedon's 'Wonder Woman'. "Joss wrote a great script, and he was supposed to direct it, but they [the studio] just didn't see it and they didn't want to do it. They said, "We're not going to move forward," and it went back into the DC Comics world."

Me and Joss, right together. Two minds, one thought. Two billion dollar peas in a pod.
The studio, they were the problem. They just couldn't get behind our totally shared vision.

Hmmm..., it's funny the way people remember the past.
...I like the part about how Joss was 'a young guy who nobody was aware of', funny how Joel seems to have forgotten that Joss had already had a degree of success with Buffy the Vampire Slayer at this point.
(While he was obviously not on the same Avengers-level of fame as he is now, he certainly wasn't an industry unknown who Joel Silver found off the back of some unproduced screenplay.)
Heh. "I donít know. I hired a young guy, named Joss Whedon, who nobody really was aware of." You think maybe he was being facetious but didn't translate well into text?

Did Wonder Woman really work now? I haven't seen the movie TBH - but the people I know who have weren't impressed.

ps. I see they're still trying to get Sherlock 3 made. Would be interested to see that.
The script, if anybody is interested.
Revisionist history.
I could certainly be wrong, but the "young guy who nobody was aware of" sounds very tongue in cheek to me. It sounds like he is being ironic about how this "young guy nobody was aware of" that the studio was so unsatisfied with, then turned around and delivered a multi-billion dollar, nobody can possibly pull this off "Avengers" for Marvel.
I read that whole thing as if all his comments were said sarcastically too. Shocked when I started reading the comments here that others didn't.
The script is... not awesome.
Well, there's a few things to keep in mind about the script. For one thing, it was never meant to be read, just performed. So even though hearing the phrase "every inch the" several times jumps out and gets annoying, the audience never would have heard it once because it was just stage direction.

One thing I learned early on with Whedon is that Joss Whedon scripts need Joss Whedon directing. He knows what he's going for with his lines and he knows what it takes to make him work. Even good directors have gotten his lines completely wrong.

The last thing to point out is that the script wasn't finished. It's really never finished until the last scene is shot, and even after that the movie changes in editing. Just casting the actors probably would have led to changes as Joss shot it and saw what worked and didn't work with those actors.

So my impression of the script was that it was pretty good for what it was.
Do we know that the script is the last draft Joss wrote? Did he ever say how many rewrites he did before they stopped working on it? The one that leaked could be an early rough one, or alternatively it could have been a later draft incorporating someone's script notes.
Jason I know what a film script is and isn't. This one was... not awesome. ;)
@Mirage - Wonder Woman in BvS?

Her solitary fight scene was by far my favorite part of the movie, which is to say that I was neutral to moderately negative towards it. About half of her worthwhile portion was in the final trailer, with another twenty to thirty seconds in the movie itself. The dramatic portion of the WW theme music ("Are You With Her?") was excellent. I purchased that song off the streaming soundtrack. But I don't think $19.75 for IMAX 3D ticket, plus $1.29 for MP3 is a reasonable value for a 50 second action sequence. Half of which, I got in the trailer.

An observation that someone made in one of the reviews was, for me, the most telling criticism of the movie. Clark Kent/Superman and Diana Prince/Wonder Woman never exchange a single word of dialog in the movie. When Wonder Woman was the only character in the movie that I felt the slightest interest in or empathy for. That is a significant problem.
My reaction to that movie was identical to the gathered media's stunned response when Homer Simpson presented to the world his dream car, The Homer, in The Simpsons, after being handed a blank cheque and free rein by his long-lost and love-deprived older brother, Herb: What does this...monstrosity cost?

Wonder Woman was alright in it I suppose, though I have heard criticism of her lack of skills, besides generic fighting abilities. The music was startling; which is saying something when the entire score is so histrionic, always on the verge of some paroxysm.

Anyway, glad Whedon didn't end up doing this thing; not sure Joss wants to be indexed in Hollywood as the guy you outsource all of your female heroes to, such a concept being not only reductive to Whedon the writer but women generally.

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