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May 21 2016

Thirteen years on: what happened to the Buffy spin-offs? A run-down of all the potential Buffyverse TV and film spin-offs that never came to pass (sadly).

Has there been a more depressing article?
The biggest loss is no Faith spin-off, but at least we got the Angel & Faith series.

I think a Fray spin-off could be awesome on TV today, and I would still love to see the animated series become a thing. And while Eliza is possibly too old to play Faith now (event though Eliza still looks beautiful to me), I still feel like there is a place for a Faith show today. There's still never been anything else in the supernatural genre quite like Whedon's shows, and Faith's darker personality would fit in with a lot of the darker shows on TV now.
The write up on Faith in that article is pretty inaccurate. There weren't "several" Buffy replacements, just Kendra and Faith. The other girls were "potentials" and only became slayers because Willow used the magical equivalent of a cheat code to activate them all. Buffy, Faith, Kendra and eventually Fray are the ONLY real slayers.

And the bit about Buffy mellowing while Faith got angrier is backwards. Faith mellowed over time, while Buffy got angsty and suicidal in season 6, then copped a major attitude in season 7 that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way so they eventually threw in their chips with the more "mellow" Faith.
Yep. I was pretty hopeful at the series end. I never would have believed that years would go by and nothing.
Jessica Jones reminded me at lot of what a Faith spin-off could have been like in tone- (darkerthan Buffy,focussing on her atoning for past mistakes/ dealing with past trauma/ while still having abit of a sense of humour.)

I'm still shocked that the networks passed on an animatted Buffy TV series, but I still hope that at some point we will see some variation of the Ripper spin-off with ASH and Joss.

(Having Tony playing Giles again would be a dream, but even if the scripts have to be retooled to be about a Giles-esque character in England dealing with lonliness and the supernatural, I would still be ridiculously excited for it. )
In some ways it's a depressing article, but also a reminder - to me at least - that we got two full-blooded long running shows out of this universe. There was so much potential for more, but alas, it didn't happen and I'm very grateful for what we got.

I do think we'll see Buffy - or a new spin-off - on our screens again. The twentieth anniversary of the shows debut is coming up next year and I imagine that will froth up feelings of nostalgia for what still remains one of the best shows of all time. Whether or not it can ride that wave onto something new remains to be seen. Television, and the way we consume it, has changed so much since the peak days of Buffy that there are different ways to do things now. Would it be profitable for a corporation like Netflix to plough money into a new incarnation. Well, if they can do it for Gilmore Girls....

In terms of spin-offs, I still think theres a place for a Ripper series and I still think there is - looking at the climate of the storytelling media - a place for a story about Faith. I'd go as far to say, that there has never been a more perfect time for a story about Faith. So much emphasis is on a fascination with the 'anti-hero', the flawed role model that you root for in spite of their issues and Faith is such an archetype of that.

Washed up 30-something Slayer with many problems in a gritty big city. Used to be special. Tried to be a leader. Now that would be worth watching.
Yeah, that Faith article is a bit lacking in how it uses a quote from Eliza that wasn't exactly the whole story. That may have been the case at one point, (I'm guessing straight after Buffy had it's final episode.) But when I spoke to Joss he told me that he did come around to it and was ready to launch a spinoff with both her and IIRC James Marsters. But what stopped it was that Eliza had signed up to another pilot that was going ahead. (i.e Tru Calling.)

So it was just one of those things that didn't happen due to timing. Now why it couldn't happen after Tru Calling's unfortunate cancelling is another thing entirely. I sometimes wonder if Joss's lunchtime meeting with Eliza that resulted in the idea for Dollhouse, maybe was him originally intending to ask her if she still had any interest in a Faith spinoff? Wish I'd actually asked him that..

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Jas, if I recall correctly, Eliza's lunch with Joss was originally going to be a discussion about an undefined series she's signed onto at Fox.

I really wanted a Faith series at the time and I still do. Years ago I imagined a series with Faith and Spike driving around encountering dark parts of the demon underworld, with Andrew tagging along and trying to film them. Still, as other have said, a Faith series could still work really well now.

I wonder if we would have gotten more spin-offs if the climate had been like today. It seems like everything's getting spin-offs and revivals at the moment. The trend of miniseries would be great for something like this. I used to want to see a screen version of the 'Tales of the Slayer' books, which were collections of short stories about different past slayers. The format of 'Fargo' or 'American Horror Story' would be amazing for a series where each season focused on a different historical slayer. (Though knowing the life expectancy slayers used to have, it might also be really tragic.)
I still have hope in a Fray anything. A movie would great, a tv show amazing and an animated show brilliant if they carry on the comic style of the chars.

*starts fan casting in mind*
A big budget Fray movie would be amazing.

With all the comic book adaptions being made, I can't believe no one has approached Joss about it.

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I still have hope for "Ripper", that's the one with the most potential.

That and "Fray", as a tv show or as a movie.
You could still do a Ripper movie or miniseries today and not have it conflict with the canon comics.

If I was doing it, it would be present-day Giles (played by Tony Head) discovering that he once again needs to deal with the fallout of something that happened back when he was a punk rock warlock in the Circle of Eyghon.

The series would switch back and forth between the present day -- with Giles joined by whatever cast members of Buffy are willing or available -- and the 1970's, with a different actor playing young Giles and others playing young Ethan Rayne, etc. As originally intended, Daisy and Emily Head could play Giles's magically-youthful great aunts, Sophronia and Lavinia, in both the flashback and present-day scenes.

Do it, Joss!
I'm good with no spin-offs or reboots or re-imaginings of anything Buffy or Firefly. Excited for the new and totally different universes Joss might create.
Oh yeah Blueyark that does sounds familiar now that you mention it. Oh well..

I do like the idea of a 'Tales of the Slayer' minsieries. That would be very neat indeed..
If the Faith series had really come to pass, that moment in the Buffy series finale where she tosses the scythe to Faith after The First stabs her would have been a GREAT passing of the torch moment, symbolically I mean. Especially considering the conflict/rivalry between the two of them that season.

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Ripper has always been a punch to the gut for me considering it is the only "project" to retain traction since Buffy left the air... For years it seemed Joss would trot out and comment to the effect of "it's going to happen, just have to finalize the plans..." it's simply befuddling that nothing was attempted...
I would have liked to have seen a show about Faith, the mooted Spike/Faith series, too. She was one of the show's most interesting characters, most moving, most relatable.

There was a lot of her life alluded to, or spoken of in ellipses, averted faces, the static of family and personal history, lacunae, dark little chattering enclaves in her mind. I can imagine these figures from her past floating in, troubles following her, clutching at her.

Buffy and Angel barely scratched the skin of her really and yet she was still one of the most captivating characters; partly because she was unlike most of them, didn't really speak the language, came from another place, sometimes hated them because they made her hate herself.

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