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"See, morbid and creepifying, I got no problem with, long as she does it quiet-like."
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May 22 2016

Read Joss Whedon's speech at the HeForShe Media Summit last night in LA. He got an award for his activism from the United Nations Women group. Video footage of the event (including the panel) is forthcoming but clips of it can be found here, here, and here.

The first 2 links are the same. I'm looking forward to hearing the whole thing.
All fixed now.
The Keeping Up with the Joneses Youtube channel has a full recording for the awards and the panel.

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Thanks, Numfar!
I'm kind of worried for Joss. I think bringing up Jurassic World could cause issues for him again; i.e. stinky criticism (not that he isn't wildly used to that). I've no interest in seeing the film beyond the issues I know he sees in it, but no way I'll bring that up here. However, I get why in that forum, he brings it up. Looking forward to the entire panel.

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