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April 10 2004

Voting for Wonderfalls Suspended Again! at

I don't think they've suspended it again, they just haven't un-suspended it yet, when they stopped accepting votes they did say it would probably be about a week till they'd open it up for voting again.

I personally don't see the problem, "fake" accounts? Unless it was more than one account to the same e-mail (you'd think they'd be able to make it so that couldn't happen), the new acoounts created could just be from people who want a Wonderfalls DVD, yet weren't registered on the site, hence the large number of new accounts.
Maybe it's because I'm jetlagged and have an aching headache but where does it actually say voting suspended again on this page?
*hands Simon two Tylenol* Jetlag's no fun, hope you feel better.

And it doesn't say it was suspended again, but it was briefly available a few hours ago.
It was unsuspended about two-and-a-half days ago (working up to an unreleased ranking of 22), but now "This show has been temporarily removed because multiple accounts were created by individuals trying to increase the show's rank."
Two posts about this is enough I think. Further reinstating and suspension hoopla not newsworthy enough for a frontpage post.
I suppose I just chose this place to come out of my shock about the cancelation of Wonderfalls. I think this show had the chance to be a great TV show. Good thing that the Fox people who made decisions about this show weren't in charge of Cheers, Senfield, and the Mary Tyler-Moore show. All of these classics would have been gone in a few weeks if these Fox morons had been in charge.

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