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May 26 2016

Twelve must-see Buffy episodes to watch before the show leaves Netflix UK. Slightly different from the usual Buffy episode lists.

*Slightly* different, in that there's a few favorites missing (Surprise/Innocence, Becoming, Graduation Day...), and a lot more of the comedic episodes highlighted, but no such list can get away from Hush, OMWF, and The Body.
Not quite sure how one can fully appreciate Doppelgangland without seeing The Wish first, but those are some interesting choices.
I just watched the Season One trailer they include in the article. I think that would pull anyone in. And I totally agree with Season 2 - my favourite. I like these choices but would add a few.
That trailer was indeed really well done, editing wise. Except for the horrible horrible painful makes-my-body-hurt-all-over fake cropped widescreen.
Teacher's Pet is the worst Buffy episode ever. Strange choice.
@TimeTravellingBunny, it's not the best episode, but it does establish an important ongoing theme of Xander being a demon magnet.
I wouldn't have chosen Teacher's Pet, would probably have gone for The Pack for a Season 1 choice, something a little darker, meaner, more visual. That episode feels like it has some real verve. But the rest are fine, the usual candidates.

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