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May 30 2016

Lionsgate & Comic Con International to air Con Man Season 2. A new Video On Demand platform will be the home of Alan Tudyk's comedy series.

Alan provides further details on the partnership with Comic Con HQ in this video and confirms Season 2 is filming based on funding provided.

I hope there will eventually be a DVD release made available through mainstream outlets, as I have neither desire nor intention to sign up for yet another streaming subscription service in order to view one show. A la carte programming is fine in theory but a royal pain in practice.
@tomg it looks like the Con Man website has updated their FAQ and it sounds like today is the last day to buy Con Man Season 1 as physical media, after which it becomes a Comic-Con HQ exclusive. As you said, I hope that Season 2 eventually comes to a DVD release but it's sounding like there'll be an exclusivity window at a minimum.
I backed S1 and already have that DVD but apparently that won't be an option for S2.
Ah, well. I guess only the folks who can afford to join multiple streaming services will ever see it. S1 was very funny, but it's not like I need to ever see another season. Besides, I need my money (food, medicine, bills, bills, bills) more than some comic con one percenter needs it.

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