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April 10 2004

Three Mutant Enemy episodes nominated for a Hugo Award (again). BtVS 'Chosen', Firefly 'The Message' and 'Heart of Gold' have been nominated in the Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form category.

I think this is a first for an episode that has never been aired in the States to be nominated.

And last year's nominations.

'Conversations With Dead People' won in the end.

While Chosen was the probably the best way to end the series given that it had to tie up the muddle that was Season 7 (doing anything spectacular like that with such a shoddy lattice of overdramatization, character bloat, and plot holes the size of the Mayor-snake deserves an award SOMEWHERE), my vote definitely goes for The Message.

The Message, in many ways, summed up what was best about Firefly, and why it was probably going to surpass Buffy in cultural significance given enough time to develop. It was about people and a muddle. Each person doing what they had to in order to make their way, each person sure that their needs were paramount. There were no heroes in that episode - at the end of the day, Mal and his crew would not have claimed any sort of victory over evil.

These are complicated times, with complicated motives, and Joss does what he always does best - he takes an ancient trope that often seems completed uncomplicated (the battle of good vs. evil in Buffy, the Western in Firefly) and uses it as a mirror for the modern human condition. The Message was so very much the realization and full coming-of-age of Joss's style, and it deserves the win here.

EDIT: Also, The Message features Jayne and His Amazing Orange Hat. Any show willing to put something that delightfully kitschy on the head of an actor as masculine as Adam Baldwin gets my full kudos.

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WTF! "Gollum's Acceptance Speech at the 2003 MTV Movie Awards". It was funny, but how the hell can they put that in the same league for an award as an excellent episode of Buffy, and 2 excellent episodes of Firefly (the message is perhaps the best episode of Firefly).

Anyway, it's Lord of The Rings, so it's already won, shame that.

[ edited by Ghost Spike on 2004-04-10 23:55 ]
I was really disappointed with Chosen so I would like to see either of the Firefly eps win...I think my dislike for Chosen comes from me generally feeling let down by the sloppy storylines through season seven...Perhaps when the DVDs come out I will feel differently however unlikely...
Heart of Gold? It was okay, but I wouldn't have nominated it for anything. I hope The Message gets it though, because I love it when unfairly cancelled shows still get to win awards.
"Heart of Gold" is an odd selection, isn't it? I would have expected to see "Objects in Space" nominated instead. I would love to see "The Message" win, because 1) it was an excellent episode and 2) it would mean two wins for an ME series episode guest-starring Jonathan Woodward. :-)
Objects in Space is ineligible because it aired in 2002, if I recall correctly. The only reason that The Message and Heart of Gold are nominated is because they weren't "aired" until the box set came out. I would've preferred to see "Trash" nommed over "Heart" though.
Oh, that helps to explain it. I didn't think either 'Trash' or 'Heart of Gold' were exceptionable. 'The Message' is very good though, I think it's the most deserving of the 3 to win.
Oh that is so cool! And I personally loved Heart of Gold, it's one of my favorite Firefly eps. Inara breaking down in tears is one of the most moving scenes in the series. But I would still choose The Message for the Hugo.
I have a soft spot in my heart for Trash, if only because I love Saffron. She's just one of those great shyster characters that can keep coming back and muddling things - like the Ethan Rayne of Firefly.
Heart of Gold is, to my mind, the least satisfying of all the Firefly episodes. I like it a lot, but I think it's way too conventional compared to the others. I'd have gone with The Message, too. A truly powerful, gutwrenching piece of storytelling. The somber, frigid, beyond bleak closing scene is true artistry.

Zeppo--Yo-Saff-Bridge is a fabulous character! "I have a condition!"

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