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May 31 2016

Preview of the Buffy comic book story out on Dark Horse Day, June 4th. The story features in the Dark Horse Day Sampler, a a forty-page comic which marks the 30th anniversary of the comic book publisher. Click here to see if your local comic book store is participating.

My shop is getting it.It actually works out good for me since I probably won't be able to pick up my new comics until the weekend.
Is that a preview or the whole story?
I hoping it's the preview. For some reason the UK and Ireland isn't doing Dark Horse Day so I won't be able get the issue on Saturday.
My local store isn't participating, it seems. Hope they don't wait too long to make it available digitally.
Well I'm in the UK and my comic store said they'd have it in on Sat. I hope I don't have a wasted drive.
Today is Dark Horse Day and the free Dark Horse Day sampler was released at participating comic shops.The issue features a new season 10 story by Christos Gage and art by Juanan Ramirez.I got my copy just now..The story is titled,"Where Are They Now?"The story is set before the most recent issues(The gang still have the book,Buffy/Spike are still a couple and it's safe to say that Xander and Dawn are still in our universe)

The preview pages give the basic setup.Harmony and Clem are filming a documentary about how much has changed for everyone and they are basically following Buffy annoying her and insulting her.The preview showed them bugging her at the laundry mat and asking about breaking the rules and sharing her powers to activate all the slayers and how that makes her boring now.Harmony also warns that she is hearing that someone is out to kill her which proves to be true when she is almost electrocuted when she steps in a wire left in a puddle.

The story then continues with Harmony and Clem once again dropping in on Buffy,this time while she is on a date with Spike.And once again she throws some insulting comments at Buffy and Spike and their releationship and the fact she breaking the rules again by dating another vampire.What right does she have to keep breaking the rules.Basically saying how Buffy is getting old and Spike has lost his edge since they've been dating.That Buffy's leashed him and he's gotten boring.Harmony asks if there is already trouble in paradise if they have to schedule a date night.She wonders if the passion is fading between Buffy/Spike along with Buffy's youthful looks.

And yes this sequence does seem to be teasing the current(#27) and upcoming(# 28)issues.

Once again though another attempt is made on Buffy's life.This time a runaway streetcar whose brakes have been messed with.Buffy,Spike,and Harmony stop the streetcar with their combined strength.

For a third time Harmony and Clem pop in with their cameras to annoy Buffy.This time while she's with Giles.Again Harmony makes her usual Harmony like insults.Pointing out that Giles is a old man's mind stuck in a boring kid's body and what right do they have to define the new rules of magic.Is it just Narcissism?

Before Giles can get far in explaining why they are in charge of the new rules of magic,Buffy's finally has had enough and is going to pound Harmony to a pulp.Before she can get on that though,Giles recognizes Harmony and Clem's sound man as a former watcher in training.Buffy realizes it was him and Harmony's camera man, a vampire who were behind the attempts on her life.The former watcher wants Buffy dead for tampering with primordial forces and the vampre wants Buffy dead for the same basic reasons.

Harmony is pissed because these two almost got her killed while trying to kill Buffy and that's not what she hired them for.She hired them to film a documentary,not kill Buffy(atleast not kill her too while trying to kill So Harmony joins in with Buffy and Giles to take them down.Buffy slays the vampire while Giles immobilizes the former watcher in training who is turned over to the police.

The issue ends with Harmony pointing out that a rogue watcher and vampire hate Buffy so much that they teamed up.Doesn't that stop Buffy and make her think.Rules exist for a reason.When you break so many of them(which Buffy has),sooner or later,won't you break everything?

Buffy tells Harmony and Clem in a very pissed off face,that the interviews are over.Clem says,that's cool since with no camera or sound guys now,they don't know how to run the equipment anyway.

The final two panels are Harmony adding that Buffy just doesn't care.That she will continue to blaze her own trail and break the rules.So the question is,does this make Buffy the best slayer ever or the worst?As Harmony says this walking away,we see a dejected look on Buffy's face.

I thought this was a fun little story that teases the current goings on in the monthly.
Am I right that Buffy is doing laundry wearing her Doublemeat Palace uniform top? Very nice touch! I love when this type of detail goes unmentioned in the background art. This is a nice little fill-in story and you can't beat free—though I did have to venture across state lines to find a participating comics shop. My usual shop knew nothing about it. (I won't shame them here because they are otherwise awesome.)

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