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June 01 2016

(SPOILER) Amy Acker on the 100th episode of 'Person of Interest' She reflects on last night's events and gives a bit on her role in the last few episodes.

I can't believe it happened again! Broken hearted... :(
That last bit was like an Illyria and Ben Linus crossover. Terrifying.
I knew someone was gonna die, it just has that feel so bad! Root was a breakout character and her end especially with the machine choosing her voice. ... I think she'd say it's worth it. Poor Shaw though. Tumblr is gonna have a field day with how that ship ended.

Ps. Dark Howard is terrifyingly exciting
I am awed by how much Amy Acker elevated this show. Root is a great character, and I could never look away when she was on screen.

Someone give Acker a lead role, please!
I didn't even really like this show until she became a semi regular on it. It was too episodic and dark. She brought some fun crazy with her story arcs that made the numbers game seem like a silly thing for the cast to be focused on.
Yeah, that saving people is so silly.
What a great role she had on that show, and she played it so well! I feel like the character got an appropriate send off. The way she in effect "became" the machine by becoming the voice it chose was a great touch and definitely reminded me of Ilyria.
One part Illyria, one part River Tam in "Objects in Space".

ETA: "Rest in peace, CocoPuffs."

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I was so happy to see that the Machine, using Root's voice and memories, remained and was talking to Shaw.

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