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June 01 2016

"Buffy: The High School Years" Volume 1 now in comic book shops. Out today, set in Season 1.

I completely forgot about that, there wasn't any recent publicity for it (I think).
Not much of any.

I'll have to check out. I'm sure my brick and mortar already pulled for me.
Getting released the same day as Dark Horse Anniversary Day thing kind of made it get lost in the shuffle, also, being a original release, but with the same "shift" dates issue we have with the Library Editions, with Comic Book Shops getting it earlier via Diamond, while bookstores will only get it a few days later, might have also contributed for this lack of promotion.
Volume 1? Is this really going to be on-going or just a one-off?
It was rather cute I think. A nice first season story and plot about Buffy and her friendship with Willow and Xander. I am undecided regarding the artwork.

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