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June 01 2016

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer saved my life" - a survivor's story. This is from "The Art of Survival", a series of stories by survivors of sexual assault. In this particular story, the author tells of how Buffy the Vampire Slayer helped them. "The vampires and demons that she fought each week were perfect metaphors for the ones plaguing my nightmares. Her every victory over the forces of darkness gave me hope that I could do the same."

Thank you for sharing this, Simon. It's a painful and wonderful story.
I'll echo ActualSize (great name, btw), thank you for posting this. I also have childhood based PTSD, and have always found Buffy to be very empowering and inspiring. I remember that watching season six was the first time I remember seeing my own issues played out like that.
Sad & lovely - Buffy helping her re-claim herself after so much abuse.

Buffy has helped so many people, in so many ways & for so many reasons - including myself. This story, though painful, was also a pleasure to read. #TheGiftThatKeepsOnGiving
Very moving story. Thankfully my own experiences are nothing compared to these, but Buffy has also made a huge contribution to my mental health.
I too credit Buffy with saving my life. I was moved away from the rest of my family and friends to a town where everybody called me the weird girl... I made no friends... I had to wait until there was a new kid just to have somebody to talk to for a week before the school took them away from me. I had a boyfriend, but he pretended to hate me and whenever we were spotted togeather he would say I was stalking him. My step father started physically and emotionally abusing me... My everything fell apart and I was completely alone and very depressed because I literally had no escape from my struggles... When I watched Becoming Part Two, it felt like Angel was speaking directly to me... I had no hope at all. When Spike shrugged and left Buffy to die, it felt like what everybody in the world had done. That moment where Buffy answered "Me" to the question of what was left... it changed the entire way I viewed the world. From that moment, I have been trying to find that "Me" and I am happy to say that I am closer every year to being that strong. My birthday is two days after Buffy's, so me and my boys marathon it every year as a way of celebrating that moment. If it wasn't for that one word, I doubt I could have found the strength to simply exist in this world.

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Turns out that this was my 7500th link at Whedonesque. And I'm glad it was this one. Articles like these show fans in similar situations that they are not alone. And tikamajere316? I'm glad you made it through that nightmare.
Wonderful article. Buffy saved me from postpartum depression. I first discovered the show during early morning feedings when it ran in syndication on Fx. I loved my baby so much but was overwhelmed with lack of sleep, depression, anxiety, & intrusive thoughts. I remember thinking "If this young girl can fight against evil everyone single day, so can I".

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