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June 05 2016

Who do you think is S.H.I.E.L.D.'s new Director? TVLine speculates 'Grint Ward' among the possibilities in this fan poll.

I'm going with the dark horse candidate, Grant Wird.
Which actor is most unemployed right now?
I voted for Maria Hill, it'd make a lot of sense and it might add some more eyeballs when the show returns. Win-win.
Cobie has a pretty steady movie career going on with a couple films in pre-production and one opening this fall that she will have to be available to go on the international press circuit for... Out of those choices I'd go with May and then Sharon Carter.
Being director wouldn't mean that Maria had to be on every week, though. We only saw Nick Fury a couple of times in season 1 when he was director.
Sure. Anything could happen and often does. Could also be Patton's character or Nick Fury himself.
I'm hoping it's May. She'd be a better director than Coulson.
Realistically, with all the in fighting at Marvel, no way is Carter going to show up. Same with Fury. Mario Hill i can see them getting away with but ehh. Honestly, it's probably a new character that hasn't been cast yet.

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I would like to see an article (written by a journalist) about all this "infighting" at Marvel. I have a feeling it's total bullshit.
Well, it might be, but Chole pretty much called out Marvel at a recent convention for pretty much having the MCU ignore that the show exists.

Also, Feige did go to the head of Disney to get that guy who's name I forget to stop being in charge of the MCU (the one who didn't want Black Widow toys or Iron Man in Civil War), so maybe the infighting is over, but there was defintely some shit going on last year.
That came out waaay more confrontation then I intended. I'm just bitter the movies seem to completely ignore the films, for whatever reason.
The movies are ignoring themselves? ;)

As for the poll I think its May but they could pull a fast one and have it be Tallbot.

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Mack would also be a good director.
The Marvel guy that Feige got away from was Ike Perlemuter who is also the third largest stockholder in Disney.
Mack would be, but wasn't he in the scene where Coulson was on the phone with the director?

It's either Sharon Carter or Maria Hill.
Yep. Mack isn't a candidate for current speculation, sadly.
According to comic book lore, Maria Hill and Sharon Carter were each directors at some point.
I don't think May would want the job. And if SHIELD is back "in the light" that means the choice would not be Coulson's anymore. (A new World Security Council? The UN? The US government?) Mack probably doesn't have the experience to get an official appointment as director, even with Coulson's recommendation.

Maria Hill would be my first choice.
Maybe they'll go meta and the new director will be Isaac Perlmutter.
@IrrationaliTV ... At the time of the organizational shake up there was a fair amount of journalism work done by mainstream media on the rift, including pieces in the Hollywood Reporter, Vanity Fair, Variety, usually from their business reporters, not the celebrity trackers. Of course the internet fan media likes to throw any ol' rumors about, but even within the establishment press it's a given that there have been power plays made by all sides, which is hardly surprising given how high the stakes have grown. YMMV
Thanks, TallMichaelJ. I poked around and found a couple articles too. Seems like there is a thing (resolved by a normal corporate re-org) but I don't know if every single perceived issue fans have with Marvel TV or with Marvel films can be attributed to this schism. Seems like it always is though.
I say bring on Gina Torres as the new Director. Is her show coming back?
Suits starts back up next month. Her network pilot didn't get picked up.
Well boo about the pilot. But glad Suits is coming back.

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