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June 07 2016

G&S live reading of the Wonder Woman script (part 2 of 3). The broadcast on the Twitch web stream starts at 7-ish PST Tues evening. This is part 2 of 3 for the reading of one of Whedon's WW scripts (from when he was working with WB, almost a decade ago).

The Geek and Sundry Twitch show "Drama Club Heroes" reads failed movie scripts. These are usually terrible scripts. which get mocked for being boring or the characters having no motivations. For a change of pace, they decided to take a crack at Whedon's (unused) script for Wonder Woman.

The stream for this show starts at 7pm PST. The first 50-60 minutes of the show is usually news and comic book comments, with the last two hours being the script read, radio style. The plan is three parts, with the conclusion next week. (The live stream is free; seeing last week's archived broadcast requires subscribing to G&S Twitch channel.)

There is still time for things to go pear-shaped in the next two readings, but they really liked the script so far (especially compared to the usual nonsense they deal with). Off the top of my head, these were the reactions I could remember from last week:

Is this a podcast/will it eventually be posted as such???!
Not a podcast. This is a video stream, even though the script reading is treated like a radio play. They sometimes put a show here and there on the main Geek&Sundry web site, but I don't think they've done that for DCH. (Every episode of Critical Role has been put on YouTube, but that is the breakout show for G&S.)

If you are willing to do the $5/month subscription, it is easy to bring up past broadcasts of all the shows for the recent 2 or 3 months. Other than that, I think watching live is only option. Unless you can convince Felicia Day or her minions or the owners (Legendary) to put in the effort to put this particular script reading on YouTube.

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Um, gosh, wasn't this a leaked script? So, do they have Mr. Whedon's permission to do this?

Otherwise, it sounds like huge fun!

(I'm such an old-fashioned person that when I see "G&S" I still think "Gilbert & Sullivan"!)
Jocelyn, I was wondering about the rules for unproduced scripts too.
EDIT: Keep in mind that Geek & Sundry was created by Felicia Day. If Joss found out about this reading and didn't like the idea, he had direct access to someone who could have squashed it.

A month ago, in the post about Joel Silver's Wonder Woman comments, gossi posted a link to the script. So there seems to be at least one widely publically circulated version of the script.

I've also found articles that mentioned past public readings of this script at certain conventions.

In any case, it is a hoot to hear a mix of actors (voice & conventional), self-identified geeks who love comic books and love movies and love this script, just play around with it. They get the Whedon humor.

(For part 2, my favorite bit was when Steve Trevor said something completely inappropriate and shocking, but that the audience was thinking, and looks down to see that he was sitting on part of the magic lasso.)

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I don't think Joss owns the script. It would belong to Warner Bros? I'm surprised they haven't tried shutting these events down due to copyright. It's still their property even though it'll never get made.
Thanks, OneTeV. True, about Felicia & Joss being pals - in fact, once you reminded me of that, I figured she may well have consulted with him prior to the readings. Meanwhile, although I don't know Wonder Woman's mythology, I would probably enjoy the script, so I guess I should look for it.

Simon, I wonder if Warner Bros does own the script. Did Joss actually get paid to write it? I have no idea how this stuff works. I *hope* he got paid - didn't he work on it for a year or so? Complicated!

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