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June 14 2016

Geek & Sundry live reading of the Wonder Woman script (part 3 of 3). The broadcast on the Twitch web stream starts at 7-ish PST Tues evening. This is part 3 of 3 for the reading of one of Whedon's WW scripts (from when he was working with WB, almost a decade ago).

Most of this is the same as the post from last week, except this is the conclusion instead of the middle part.

The Geek and Sundry Twitch show "Drama Club Heroes" reads failed movie scripts. These are usually terrible scripts. which get mocked for being boring or the characters having no motivations. For a change of pace, they decided to take a crack at Whedon's (unused) script for Wonder Woman.

The video stream for this show starts at 7pm PST. The first 50-60 minutes of the show is usually news and comic book comments, with the last two hours being the script read, radio style. This is the third and last show for this reading. (The live stream is free; seeing the previous two week's archived broadcasts requires subscribing to G&S Twitch channel.)

They are still really enjoying the readings. Last week, Hector pointed out that a couple of the scenes resemble action sequences from more recent Marvel movies (like the teleporting portals from Thor 2), but it is too late for WW to be first. And the guy on the far right (sorry don't have his name handy, he was reading Stryfe) educated the others on why Joss would want to put Diana in a dance club. (He brought up Numfar, and seeing Joss dance with Felicia Day.)

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