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April 11 2004

Charisma Lands Lead in UPN Comedy Pilot Chrissy comes through with the goods once again, letting fans knows she has the lead for 'Play Nice'

This is great news for Charisma!

And is defientely something different for a UPN comedy...

But hopefully it will be picked up and have a long and successful run!
I really hope that it gets picked up...Charisma certainly deserves it!!!!!
aww i am so happy for charisma i hope it gets picked up.
Yes, Congratulations to Charisma. This actually sounds like an interesting premise and sounds like a very different role for her. I enjoyed her on Miss Match but she was very early Cordelia like on that. Hopefully it will have good writing and be a hit.
That's good news! She has a lot of talent for comedy. It's funny that both she and Alyson Hannigan have pilots involving a crazy brother.
A sit com about a girl and her brother? Isn't that Alysons new sit com?
I'd much rather have Charisma play the bitca. We've all seen Saint Cordelia (unfortunately) so I'm hoping that this character isn't all goody good. I hope her character has sass and is spicy. This is why I'd rather see her in a sitcom with a bigger cast like Friends had so that they'd have to develop more characters and Charisma could play the bitch.
Has UPN ever had a good sitcom?
yeah, charisma plays a bitch the best......i hated having her become all goody on angel.


As to goody Cordy/baddie Cordy...she was becoming a decent human being on the episode when Buffy was being tested by the Council and she, very vulnerable, plaintively asked if Cordy could drive her--the Slayer!--home, her immediate and compassionate response gave evidence of the good person she'd become.

I LOVE the Cordy the bitca, of course--who doesn't, and I use some of her early dialogue to ensnare skeptical colleagues into watching. But her development in Angel was beautifully done.

Hey, this new show has CC AND a bunch of dogs...I'm there...

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