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June 16 2016

New official Buffy board game is coming soon. "Our motto when developing the game was, "make every time the game is played feel like an episode of the television show"."

A source tells me it will be released October 28th.
I can't remember if it was the UK or US version but one was apparently a nightmare to play as a board game back in the day.
That's cool but I'm still waiting for a Blu-ray release. That's what I want to save for!
I still have the original board game. Me and my sister only attempted to play it one time because it was too hard to work out the rules. I also still have the Angel game which was better. I'll probably get this too.
What the heck happened to Spike's hand?! He seems to have randomly decided to wear a comedy vamp hand! :D I'll probably get this but may wait to read some games reviews first.
Thanks Craig, it must have been the Prescot one that my friends played at a Buffy meetup. They said the rules were far too complicated.
Does anyone else wish this was an app instead of a physical board game?
I still have my Hasbro copy! And yes, Prescot one was...sub par.
I have the Prescot game and it's pretty hard to make sense of. Though I like to think I'd worked out a good strategy when I won and my sister flipped the board. I still tell myself it was because of my flawless technique and not because the rules were impossible.
I tried to play the Firefly board game once.

Board games aren't like they were when I was a kid.

I couldn't make heads or tails of it, and this is from somebody who grew up playing first edition D&D.
Perhaps a simple game of chess?
If you have the Buffy board game and haven't played it, get some friends together and try again. If I recollect correctly, it's better with 5 or 6, but you could maybe get away with 3 or 4. One person plays a big bad, and everyone else plays either Buffy or one of the other Scooby gang.

Unfortunately, it only covers up through season 4.

I wish I still saw any of my Buffy buddies in real life enough to play again. :/
@goodtime That's the Hasbro version(which I agree is awesome). The Prescot version is completely different...and kind of crap.
@Grack21, Yeah, I just double-checked that the Milton Bradley/Hasbro one is the one I've played. I have the Prescot version, too, but I never opened it because I'd heard it was terrible.
The Prescot version has everyone playing either Scoobies or vampires, and you have to kill off the characters on the opposing team. Except the identities of the players are secret and you spend most of the game moving around the board trying to figure out who's on your team. There's no explanation for why the characters can't tell who each other are.

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