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June 16 2016

Eliza Dushku joins Con Man Season 2. Much fun was had on Twitter about it yesterday.

Wonder which other friends that weren't on S1, we'll see on the new season. Exciting.

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Yay! More Con Man and friends. My investment well spent :D
Is the first season worth watching?
I found it pretty enjoyable, Simon. A bit too "The Office" cringey for me at times but mostly light and fun. Cameo-palooza.
Honestly, I was a bit underwhelmed, perhaps my expectations were too high given the amazing talent. That may have been because I found the character Alan was playing fairly unlikeable, and also thought much of the comedy veered a little more towards the mocking of fandom than the embrace of it. Never finished it, may need to give it another go.

That said happy to see Eliza join the cast .. the cameos were fun, so I'm sure I'll check it out
TallMichaelJ, I mean, I never thought the comedy was mocking fandom, rather, the whole point was that Alan's character was pretty unlikeable and that his character's insistence that fandom is mock-worthy is something that should be criticized. So, I tend to think that Wray being a generally unsympathetic character is part of the point. Like, fandom is weird, but the reason Wray is so unhappy or finds himself as he is is because he isn't willing to love what he has or view fandom as a positive experience (it's negative because he goes in thinking it's negative). Also, really, the serious tends to run a little more from his point of view of things, like, I think there's supposed to be a recognition that there is a difference between how Wray perceives things and how it is in reality, and that disparity serves to highlight.

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I watched two episodes for the sake of Eliza. It didn't take.

Just my opinion. Think her talents can be much better displayed. May be me.

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