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June 22 2016

'Signal Stopped' - Serenity will be leaving Netflix USA in July. has the Blu-ray for $8 if that's any consolation.

This makes me sad purely due to my laziness. I own it on DVD, HD-DVD (I know who does that?), and Blu-ray. The laziness comes into play because I never take them off the shelf and just click it on Netflix.
It also came out on UMD for the PSP from what I recall.
It may return soon!
I never had a PSP. Might as well buy the UMD just to claim I have it haha.
I did actually think about buying it on different formats. I got the Australian DVD release back in the day because it was in a nifty steel tin. There was a VHS release too, I think.
It's in the wrong aspect ratio on Netflix.
Stargyn - I own the same versions! Plus iTunes.

None of these work on my TV. Or my computer, for that matter, since my computer hates iTunes.
bivith, is it? I just checked, and the Netflix version has the same aspect ratio as my bluray copy.
Ha, I think I own four copies if anyone needs one...
The Australian version also had Q&As not found on any other version. I had to buy a special DVD player just to watch it.
But with it off Netflix, I guess people will just have to attend a Can't Stop the Serenity event to see it....
I bought three different copies back in the day. One from Germany, one from (I think) the UK with basically the same cover, but in a different colour, and the LE which featured the Q&A. I think another version -with new commentary - came out a couple of years later in the US, but I never got around to order it.
oh I should get the UMD just for the hell of it and because maybe I'd use it once in my lifetime.
And then it will end up still being there under a contract renewal. There's never any real way to tell what on these lists is really leaving and what's just coming to the end of a contract term.

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