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June 22 2016

Happy birthday to Joss Whedon! He turns 52 today.

Best Wishes for a very happy and relaxing birthday from another Joss. Many happy returns of the day!

Joss R
Happy birthday Mr. Whedon!
Happy birthday, dear. The Improvised Whedon Company celebrates you tonight with an Avengers show full of Bland Marvel Headcanon, and then in 3 weeks (coincidentally on MY birthday) we close out a year of performances with a Firefly show before going on hiatus to get ready for THIS BABY I'M HAVING.

As you've been doing for 16 years, you're still connecting me with the dearest friends. I'm so grateful to you for it.

Many happy returns of the day, you lovely man.
Happy Uterus Liberation Day, Joss!
Happiest Birthday Dear Joss,

You are the richest source of inspirational blessing to me. I'm so grateful you were born. I wish you every beautiful, blissful, bounteous blessing there is, forever and always.


All the best Joss and thank you for all the joy you've given me with your work.

I wish you much cake.
Happy birthday, boss!

Further cake-wishage from me.
Happy Birthday, you young whipper snapper!
Happiest Birthday Joss! May you write many more wonderous scripts and bring life to even more unique characters.
Best wishes to you, Joss. Still waiting for you to deal with a Bellacourt on "Another Period".
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday Boss!
Happy birthday, young man!
Happy Birthday, Big Purple! All my best to you and yours, always.
Many Happy Returns, No. 6 *crosses fingers that Joss is a Prisoner fan*
Happy Birthday!
HBD Joss! Be so purple!
Joss, so the populace celebrates you, on this your Natal day.

Just to reassure you, you don't look a day over 42! No, really. You're Peter Pan still sprinkling the Whedon fairy dust, sans Tinkerbell, bestowing that sense of wonder that only great writing and great ideas can do.

I did some activism lately on behalf of Richard Stanley, including a blog, and used a quote from you, written back when you decried the death of Du'a Khalil. So on this special day, please bask in how much good you've done, how much of you personally is ingrained in me and us all, because I did good, which means you did good.

Getting sappy now, I'll need the hanky in a mo. I hope you're dancing and celebrating.

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Happy Birthday! Hope it's a good un!
Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating:)

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Happy Birthday! Eat, drink and be merry!
Happy birthday, Joss! Hope you are enjoying yourself.
Happy birthday, Joss. Your continued genius is inspiring to a dull drudge like me! :-)
Happy Birthday Purple Overlord! Hope your days is full of fun and laughs and music!

Happy Birthday Jossir.Hope you celebrate for the rest of the month.
Can't Stop the Serenity is giving the same present we've given you the previous 10 years - proof that your activism has inspired ours.

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Happy 52, Joss! Enjoy your full deck!
Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Let this be the best year so far.
In honor of Joss' birthday I, for the first time, had a Shakespeare reading at my house ("Cymbeline" with ten friends). I see why Joss loves doing this—somehow he gave me a present on his birthday!
Happy Birthday and may you be able to celebrate in the way that brings you the most joy!
Speaking as an old fart it beats the alternative. Grats.
Happy Birthday, Joss. I'm about 3 months ahead.

Why can't you catch up!!

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