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June 23 2016

Funko to bring out 'Vampire Buffy and Vampire Angel' Pop! pack for Comic-Con. This is an limited edition item for Toy Tokyo. The video announcement can be found here.

Kinda don't care for this one, still waiting for wave 2 for Buffy and Firefly. Been a while since first wave were released.
I'm just glad to see new Buffy merchandise. It's been ages. Surely the nostalgia factor must be kicking in now?
I saw all of the Buffy pops on clearance for 50% off the other day; I'm assuming no one was buying them. Hell, even I really don't care for the Oz, Willow, and Angel ones. Angel looks too bland, Oz too casual, and Willow too young. (I love Wishverse Willow tho; even tho she's wearing a skirt :/) I may try to get my hands on vamp Angel tho!!

I'd love Wave 2 to feature Giles, Xander, Tara (OMWF dress please?), Faith, an older Buffy, and an older Willow. Also, I'd kill for an Illyria pop; just throwing that out there.

The Firefly ones obvs need the remaining main characters done! River, please?!

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