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June 23 2016

What is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. teasing for Comic Con? SHIELD's new train art for the convention next month features something with seen on the show and a potential comic tie-in should the show choose to go that way. Some comic-only spoiler speculation.

I've seen a bunch of articles since this picture was released, and they always hypothesize that the chains are related to Ghost Rider. I just don't see how he fits into this show. Also,since we've already seen Hellfire use the fiery chain (which at least this article focuses on unlike others), this feels especially like reaching for a story. I fear that the Ghost Rider speculation is just going to anger people when that's not what it's about.
I think it would be great if the train itself was the character. And I can't see Ghost Rider appearing on the show. Though I've only see the first movie which I seem to remember nothing about.
If Marvel ever does ghost rider it will be as a standalone TV show.

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