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June 26 2016

Chiwetel Ejifor Stars in 'Dancing on the Edge' airing on PBS this June. "The series follows a black jazz band's (The Louis Lester Band, Louis Lester is played by Ejifor) experiences in London in the 1930s."

Anthony Stewart is also part of the cast.

Airing tonight.
Hm. It looks like I might not get it til July 1st. I find listings for TV shows to be very confusing these days. Anyway, for us Doctor Who fans, Jenna Coleman is in it too. Nice. Sounds like an excellent series.
This aired on the BBC here in the UK last year and I loved it! Not my usual cup of tea, I don't have too much interest in the era or the jazz scene, but it was great! Chiwetel was awesome!
Oh I need something new to watch.
It's available on disk on Netflix. Yay!
It aired on Starz a year or two ago. It's very good.

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