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June 29 2016

The top ten Agents of SHIELD episodes. As picked by IGN.

I don't think this show has enough depth to do a top 10. The only episode that impressed me was "4,722 Hours" which rightfully took its place as the best episode on the list.

However, the best stretch of the series so far for me was the first half of season 2 from episode 2 (because I didn't like first one) to episode 10, "What They Become", when we discover Skye is Daisy. That's when I thought the show had made the leap.
I don't even remember five specific - let alone mentionable - episodes of this show. "4,722 Hours", the season 2 finale, and my personal favourite, "FZZT" (though I have yet to rewatch it), come to mind.
The show absolutely has enough depth to do a top 10. It's been amazing since halfway through season 1.

But Closure is one of the worst episodes of the show, not the best. Fridging Rosalind Price to motivate Coulson's manpain/revenge fuel was the one writing decision I really hated in the last 2 seasons (I think the last time the show pissed me off that much was the stupid Lorelei episode). The only good part was Coulson's "interrogation" of Daisy and others about their memories of Ward. That was some good writing. But then, on the other hand the episode also had the worst written character on the show ever, the walking plot device/spokesman for the writers, Thomas "Everyone else in my family is a monster, except me, look at how awesome and good I am. Now please, you scary para-governmental people that have just kidnapped and threatened me, go and murder my brother that I haven't seen for 17 years" Ward.

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